Job Chapter 1: The Challenge

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The Challenge

“But I’ll tell you what,” Satan continued, “if you stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, he will curse you to your face.”

You almost think that he had this challenge in mind when he first entered the Lord’s chamber. It is obvious that he had set his heart on Job. He had surveyed that hedge from every angle, going around and around, trying to find a way in. As long as Job had kept his heart right before the Lord and stayed within that hedge, Satan had no way of reaching him. If he could just get that hedge removed, he knew he could make this so-called “Godly man” fall and curse God to His face. If he could just get at him, he could break him one way or another.

This rebel archangel had once tried to exalt his throne above the stars of God. He dared to claim, “I will be like the Most High.” However, because of his pride and presumption he was cast down. If he, who had once been “perfect in beauty . . . a daystar and son of the morning,” could fall from his high estate and become the archenemy of God, then he knew he could bring down this Son of Adam with him. The fact that Job was able to walk with God in loyal trust and obedience infuriated him and was more than he could endure.

Boldly he challenges the integrity of Job in the full assembly of the council of heaven, saying, “Put your money where your mouth is. You say he is upright and true to you and his devotion is sincere. Well, prove it. Strike everything he has and he will cease to serve you and will renounce his allegiance to you—not in secret—but to your face!”

What else could the Lord do but accept the challenge and allow His servant to be put to the test? To me this proves the Lord’s utmost confidence in Job. The council of heaven has heard the Lord’s estimation of Job as well as the insinuating sneer of the accuser of the brethren as to Job’s integrity. I am sorry if you have a problem with this, but this accusation cannot be overlooked. The Word of the Lord is at stake here. That is what is brought into question now! The loyalty of Job will be proved! All of heaven will know that Jehovah can be loved and worshipped for Himself, even by a Son of Adam.

The challenge of God’s Word is the point of everything that has taken place from age to age. Satan started it and took one third of the angels with him. His original challenge took place in the realm of the spirit, and God created the realm of the flesh to prove His Word and love. During Jesus’ life in the realm of the flesh, he remained true to God’s Word and beat the challenger of God’s Word.

With joy, the adversary sees the challenge accepted. The hedge around Job is removed by the words: “Very well then. Everything he has is in your hands.

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