Job Chapter 4-5: Eliphaz’s Exhortation

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Eliphaz’s Exhortation

Eliphaz continues: “If I were in your place, Job, I would commit my cause to God. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed. The lowly He sets on high and those who mourn He lifts to safety. He frustrates the plans of the crafty and catches the wise in their craftiness. He saves the needy from the clutches of the powerful, so the poor have hope.”

Eliphaz is a strange mixture. He undoubtedly has some knowledge of God but it seems to be more by theory than by life. Although most of his counsel certainly lacked the compassion and tenderness of the Lord, here he begins to deal gently with Job. He only suggests that men reap what they sow, and advises Job definitely to seek God for deliverance. He should consider himself happy that the Lord is correcting him, and not to despise the discipline. “If the One who pours out blessings does wound, he also binds up; if he hurts, he will also heal.” Set this as a core foundation of your faith: God is not the one that wounds or hurts. What parent would? Quit looking at the Lord as the source of your problem and begin to see Him as the deliverer from your problems.

As I said, Eliphaz evidently has some knowledge of God, because he then goes on to draw a very clear and accurate picture of the result of the Lord’s binding up. If Job would truly seek him and not despise His discipline, the Lord would deliver him from every trouble so that no harm would befall him. In famine, he would be rescued from death, in war, from the sword. He would be protected from the lash of the tongue and would not be afraid of destruction. He could laugh at destruction and famine; his home would be in peace and protected by the power of God. He would have many healthy, strong children and go to the grave in full vigor. However, this binding up has nothing to do with how good you are. Rather, it is a result of how good He is.

“We have examined this, and it is true. So hear it and apply it to yourself.”

Wow! What wisdom, Eliphaz! Unfortunately, your whole premise is wrong! All this would be true if Job would go back to God, but Job had never left him. Eliphaz does not understand. He did not know anything of the spiritual conflict that was raging around him.

My Brothers and Sisters! Stop trying to figure it out in your own heads. Wait for clear understanding from the Lord. You are there as his ambassador, not his prosecuting attorney.

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