Job Chapter 15: Our Confidence

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Our Confidence

It was the confidence of Job that his friends could not understand, because they measured him by their own understanding and experience, and the same thing will happen to you with your “religious” friends once you have settled in your own heart that God accepts you just as you are—that you are indeed His very own child. Don’t expect approval, friend, when you begin to speak boldly and confidently with and about the Lord. When you begin to confess His words as if they are for you, as if they are your words, too. That is why they crucified our Lord! He had the audacity to speak of God as his “Father,” and so can you! They will “crucify” you, too.

“Are you weary of trying to win my love? But I tell you that I love you. My love is already yours. The one thing that I ask of you is that rather than spending yourselves doing, doing, more and more and trying to earn a place in my heart, sit back and allow me to love you. Allow me to love you every day.

“Allow me to love you every moment and know that when you face the onslaught of the attacks, when you face trouble, or ridicule, I will be your hiding place, your comforter, your rear-guard, and you will know in experience, if you have allowed me to love you. Know that when you come to bitter waters, I will penetrate them and make them sweet and you will know that you can count on Me if you have allowed me to love you. Know that when you stand in the midst of famine, you will experience plenty, because you will be covered by the love of your God. Your God who owns everything, your God who created everything. Know that you can stand in the midst of filth and be clean because you will be shielded by your God. Know that you will lack no good thing and know that your joy will be complete even as you walk through suffering, even as you wield the weapons that I give you. Before you do, before you pour yourselves out, let me fill you up and then let me replenish you day by day, moment by moment. The thing I ask of you is to allow me to love you.” —Prophecy given 1988

Take a glass of dirty, mushy, yucky water and put it under the faucet. It will take awhile, but eventually the running water will clean the glass out. Now, if you take that glass away from the continually running water, it will get dirty again. However, if you kept it under the running water, whatever contaminants did come in would be washed away immediately. That is what the Lord is trying to get across to us. If we would simply stay in His presence, and let the “water” of the Holy Spirit continue to flow into our lives and overflow to those around us, we could stay in an attitude of joy. It’s when we get away from the “running water” that we run into problems.

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