Job Chapter 29 (and Song of Solomon 5): A Man of Sorrows

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“. . . human sorrow works death.”
—2 Cor. 7:10
A Man of Sorrows

“We are fellow heirs with Christ and share His inheritance with Him,
only we are to share His suffering if we are to share His Glory.”

God is indeed working out His desires for Job, and the extent of this is brought out more clearly in the next several verses and especially in the thirtieth chapter. From Job 16:15 to 19:24, Job enters deeper into the experience of his cross.

The most beautiful allegory of this reality is found in the Song of Solomon. This story is the most graphic illustration of the Lord’s desire for intimacy. It speaks of spiritual communion. It is indeed a book for the heart, written in poetic and symbolic terms. It deals with the path of a believer who is actively pursuing the Lord. The Lord intends it for those who desire total transformation.

In the Song, the Lord reveals Himself in many different ways. He first reveals Himself as the “King” as He takes possession of the maiden’s heart. Then as the “Risen One,” as He brings her through the crucifixion of her “old self” into resurrection glory and union with the Lord of Life. Then He is shown as the “Lover of the Soul” where He rejoices over the fruit that has grown because of the newly created life within her.

Then, in Chapter 5 we are shown a new aspect of our calling with Christ, which is beautifully played out for us in the entire story of Job, as “the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” The Lord wants to bring His loved ones into a deeper experience of the fellowship of His suffering, so that we can know His heart and partake of His glory.

In Song 5:2 the maiden says that she was “asleep,” yet her “heart kept vigil.” Paul said essentially the same thing when he said, “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me” (Galatians 2:20).

Through all the wonderful aspects of growth and grooming that God has been doing in her life, the maiden has entered the reality that He is the vine and she is the branch, without Him, she can do nothing. She abides in Him and consequently her entire life is fruitful and fulfilling. She quit all of her own separate activities, but was awake and alert to Him. Her heart was like a “well watered garden and like a spring of water whose water never fails.” She has become a place where the Lord could bring His friends and lovers and let them feast on the luscious fruit that He has grown (Song 5:1).

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