Job Chapter 29: The “Dark Night”

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The “Dark Night”

This deep time of testing that Jesus was about to partake of is what one writer calls the “dark night of the spirit.” Job describes it very well in thirtieth chapter when he speaks of his soul being poured out within him, when it seemed almost as if God had left him. He talked about the feeling of being bound or tied up. It was so difficult to accomplish anything and there certainly was no inner joy. He was constantly crying out to God for help, but there was no answer from Him. It was as if God had become cruel and Job’s mind was in a heap of ruins, making it very difficult to worship or have any communion with the Father.

“When I was expecting good, evil came. When I was expecting light, darkness came,” Job complained. Job was anxious and seething inside. There was no peace. There was a horrible sense of being deserted and empty, constantly crying out for understanding but ending up more perplexed.

In this section Job describes his suffering in such detail that it would depress even an Apostle . . . and perhaps even a rock! But it is the type of thing that if you have never gone through it, you will have no idea what he is talking about, and if you have experienced even a little of it, you surely don’t want to read about it. Here it is nonetheless for our study and admonition.

If you are interested, you can download the whole study of Job.

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