Job: Job’s humiliation

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Job’s humiliation

Job finally says, “I have humbled myself before Him. I have covered myself with sackcloth, and laid my horn—or I have laid my dignity and authority—in the dust. I have wept before Him until my face is foul, and my eyelids are swollen with deep rings under my eyes, even though I haven’t done anything . . . my hands have been free of violence, and my prayer is pure.”

“Even now my witness is in heaven; my advocate is on high.”

It was this persistent clinging to the fact that God knew his life, and God would vouch for him that aroused the indignation of his friends

What else could Job say? He knew that his prayer was sincere, and pure in its motive, even when they said it was mockery and cunning! He knew he had the witness of God in his heart, despite how his friends scorned him, and condemned him as a willful, presumptuous man.

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