Job: Job Quits Struggling

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Job Quits Struggling

Job finally gives up and reminds himself that it really doesn’t matter what his friends think. “My spirit is spent with all the conflict,” he says. It was stupid to keep arguing about it. His friends could not answer for him. He had to simply let God work it out. He is the one that had closed their minds from understanding his position. It was their loss, because God would not exalt them after they had condemned him for their own gain—just so that they could prove themselves right.

After all, it is better that they should say what they think than deceive him with flattery. God is the one that has allowed all this to happen. He has allowed Job, a man that has walked in fellowship with Him, to endure open ridicule, to become, literally, “a man in whose face people spit.”

Nevertheless, the truly “righteous” can “hold to his ways,” even if his body grows weaker. If his hands are clean and his conscience is clear before God, his spirit will grow stronger and stronger.

“Guys, you may as well take off,” Job says. “I don’t find a wise man among you! Let me be with God . . . My days have passed, my plans are shattered, and so are the desires of my heart. There is nothing left except the grave.”

So we watch Job slowly stop struggling and come to a place of rest. The longer we keep struggling in our afflictions the longer they are going to last. God wants us to just lie down and trust in His faithfulness. Yes, there are times when we need to take our stand against the devil’s schemes, take up the shield of faith and take up the Sword of the Spirit. But then, “After we have done everything to a standstill, we need to stand!”

Just like Job, sometimes we need to take our place in the dust and remember that. in our natural state, we are corrupt.

If you have found yourself in the midst of deep darkness, then just quiet yourself on your God, don’t try to kindle a fire by you own efforts. Just wait and you will be empowered.

If you are interested, you can download the whole study of Job.

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One thought on “Job: Job Quits Struggling

    Robert Sutherland said:
    February 4, 2009 at 5:53 am

    You might be interested in this online commentary “Putting God on Trial: The Biblical Book of Job” ( as supplementary or background material for your study of the Book of Job. It is not a sin to question God, to demand answers from God. There is a time and a place for such things. It is written by a Canadian criminal defense lawyer, now a Crown prosecutor, and it explores the legal and moral dynamics of the Book of Job with particular emphasis on the distinction between causal responsibility and moral blameworthiness embedded in Job’s Oath of Innocence. It is highly praised by Job scholars (Clines, Janzen, Habel) and the Review of Biblical Literature, all of whose reviews are on the website. It is also taught in 262 US high schools in 40 states through Chapter 17 in The Bible and Its Influence. The author is an evangelical Christian, denominationally Anglican. He is also the Canadian Director for the Mortimer J. Adler Centre for the Study of the Great Ideas, a Chicago-based think tank.


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