Job: Bildad Comes Again

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“When I saw Him He said ‘Don’t be afraid
I am the Living One.'”

Bildad Comes Again

One more time Bildad tries to reason with the obstinate Job. Bildad also seems a little hurt at Job’s vigorous language in his reply to Zophar. He thinks Job is being unkind to compare his friends to the beasts and count them unclean, calling them his enemies and ungodly, when Job himself was torn with anger! Did the earth have to be abandoned for his sake? The fact of judgment coming on the wicked could not be contradicted. “The light of the wicked will be put out!” Bildad repeats, without even realizing in his own heart what he is talking about.

One more time Bildad describes for Job the fate of the ungodly. Again, all of his illustrations are drawn from a very limited sphere. The light will be put out in the tent of the wicked; a net will ensnare him; a trap will lay hold of him; a noose and a trap are hidden for him. He will walk in terror and calamity is waiting for him; his family will suffer with him. He will be forgotten, and have no “name” or influential position among his friends; he will be chased out of this world and leave no posterity; Yada, yada, yada.

In short, everyone who hears of him will be shocked at his life, just like those who lived with Job were horror-stricken at his fate.

The narrow scope of Bildad’s mind is seen very clearly in all this. His one idea of blessing from God is prosperity in his “tent,” his family, his own personal circle, and in having a “name in the street” on which he lived!

It was inevitable that Job would be misunderstood by a man like that. How could he comprehend the depth of surrender to God that Job has shown? More than that, how could he understand God’s deepest purposes in placing Job in a trial like this?

How about you? Are you aware of God’s work in your life? Is he drawing you into a time of preparation and cleansing? The longer you fight against His work, the longer it will take before you see your deliverance.

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