Job’s Reception of Eliphaz

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Job reception of Eliphaz

Job doesn’t reply to Eliphaz right away because the assumption that he is a transgressor and the accusation of wrongdoing—with this renewed exhortation to put away sin and seek God—is more than he can answer. The iron is entering his heart, and he can only pour out his heart to God.

“Even today my complaint is bitter” Job groans in his pain. If only he could get access to the Throne of God, he would spread out his case before Him; if he could just get His verdict, and understand His will, he would be satisfied. If he could even come to the seat of Jehovah, he is sure the Lord would not contend with him in the greatness of His power. He could give heed to His servant, and permit him to reason with Him, so that he could be delivered from all the cruel judgment of his friends.

I actually believe this is the cry of all humanity. We all want an opportunity to have access to the Throne of God. But that was never permitted until our Messiah purchased that right with his own blood.

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