Bildad’s Last Word and Job’s Reply

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Bildad’s Last Word

Now it is Bildad’s chance to put in his last two-cent worth, but they do not seem very appropriate at this time. He ignores all that has been said between Job and his other friends, and jumps back to the question that the spirit-voice gave to Eliphaz—a question that Job already dealt with the first time Bildad talked.

The question as to how a man could be just before God is still on Bil’s mind. He tells Job that God is the One Who certainly has complete dominion, because He is the Lord of Hosts, there is no numbering of His armies. His light shines on all men, both good and evil, but the question remains to be answered: Since the Lord is so great and mighty, “How can man be just before Him?” (v.4) “How can he be clean” when even “the stars are not pure in His sight . . . much less man, who is but a maggot.”

Job’s Response to Bildad

Job answers Bildad’s “How?” with some other “Hows” which are more to the point than the question troubling poor Bildad.

If Bildad did not know how to find acceptance with God, and how to have a clear conscience before Him, what right did he have to come with his lack of compassion to a man in affliction? All his advice had been about the calamities that would come on those who forgot God.

Job asks Bildad very plainly what sort of help he had given to someone without power. What kind of salvation did he offer to someone who had no strength to save himself? What counsel did he have for someone in such distress, and darkness? “How have you enlightened my stupidity?” What spirit had come from him to encourage and help his friend in his time of trouble? “How did you ever think of all these brilliant comments?”

Bildad’s question is best answered by reminding him of the omnipotence of God. Everything, whether visible or invisible, are open to Him. He made the world and hung it over nothing, upholding it by the Word of His power. He closes in the face of His throne when He pleases and no one can reach Him through the clouds that surround it; He controls the mighty waters; the pillars of heaven tremble before Him; He stills the sea, smites arrogance, and by His Spirit makes the heavens beautiful.

All of these things are just the outer fringe of his works and in all His mighty works, we only hear a whisper. If we cannot trace the outlines of His ways, then we certainly cannot understand the full manifestation of His mighty deeds.

Bildad’s “How?” is answered by the power of God. If He works all these wonderful things in the world of nature, is it possible that His noblest work of creation—man—is beyond His power? It is true that compared with his Creator, man is nothing but a worm and has fallen from his first estate to become the slave of the world he was created to rule. But God is able to devise a way so that His lost ones can be restored.

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