Job’s Integrity

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Job’s Integrity

Before Job was interrupted back in Chapter 23, he was explaining how God was doing all these things for him. Then he drifted off into meditating over the strange ignorance of God’s “times” or “days” shown by those who claimed to know Him. After replying to Bildad, he returns to the parable, or narrative he was on, and closes it with a deliberate and final affirmation that he intends to hold fast his integrity to the very end.

The Spirit of God is in me, “my lips will never speak wickedness” or utter deceit. So if I was in His presence, I could not justify you, my friends, or say that you have dealt with me fairly. Neither could I go back from what I know before God to be my true attitude of heart. I cannot say that I have forsaken the ways of God when “my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live.”

“Till I die,” Job declares, “I will not deny my integrity.” I have walked with God in righteousness and truth. I hold fast to this confidence in spite of all my strange afflictions, and I “will not let it go”

You have to give it to ol’ Job. He knows where he stands and how he has lived. With our new birth and the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, our conscience should be washed and we are “to no longer have any consciousness of guilt.” That’s where many of us keep stumbling. We keep hanging onto our past and allowing it to drag us down. Like Job, we need to rise up and stand victorious

Job cries, Those who “rise up against me,” and falsely condemn me when I am innocent of their charges, are not my friends but my enemies, and on them will come the “portion of the wicked.”

Oh yea, Job! Go get ‘um! How many of you are willing to do just that? How many of you are willing to stand up and declare, “I am innocent of your charges! You are not my friends but my enemies and on you will come the “portion of the wicked!”?

Job asks what he would gain by being a hypocrite. In his time of need, would God hear his cry? A hypocrite would not have called on God “at all times,” and delighted himself in the Almighty as he had done.

If you are interested, you can download the whole study of Job.

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