Job and The Foreshadowed Cross

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The Foreshadowed Cross

Some believe that at this point in the story, a crowd began to gather around the dunghill where Job was “crucified to the world.” “They abhor me, they don’t hesitate to spit in my face, on my right hand rise the rabble just like the tide breaking in, they come in the midst of the ruin they come rolling in.”

Jesus had the same kind of “rabble” gathered around him. Base men testified against him; men spoke of him as “this fellow.” Even the drunks were singing about him. He was crucified with a couple of thieves and I am sure their cohorts were there to watch it happen.

Job has spent his life blessing the poor and needy. Now the outcasts look at him, are repulsed by his condition, and are not even ashamed to spit in his face!

Psalm 2:7 says of Jesus: “All who see me mock me; they hurl out insults shaking their heads.”

Job cried, “They have cast off all restraint,” as he looks at the sorry bunch that is around him. “They kick my feet aside, they succeed in destroying me.” “In the midst of ruin they come rolling in.”

It is written of Jesus that “dogs have surrounded me; a band of evil men has encircled me.”

“My dignity is driven away as by the wind,” Job cried.

“You know how I am scorned, disgraced and shamed” (Ps. 69:19) said the Son of God.

“My soul is poured out within me,” cries Job!

Jesus had “poured out His soul unto death” (Isa. 53:12).

“Night pierced my bones and my gnawing pain never rests . . . I’ve been cast into the mire and I’m reduced to dust and ashes,” complained Job.

“They have pierced my hands and my feet” and “you lay me in the dust of death” was Jesus’ cry. (Ps. 22:16, 15)

Job’s bitter complaint was that he “cried to God and He did not answer.”

Jesus’ most pitiful cry, after he was smitten of God and afflicted on our behalf was “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me . . . Oh My God I cry . . . but you do not answer” (Ps. 22: 1, 2).

In point after point, we could trace the whole story of Calvary in Job’s experience. Outcasts and thieves gathered around him. He was their “song” and their “byword.” They abhorred him and spit on him. They cast off all restraint in mocking Him. They cast up against him their “ways of destruction.”

During all this abuse, all these forces of evil pouring out on him, Job’s heart was pouring out on the inside. His bones were pierced and gnawing pain gave him no rest. He was disfigured and pushed into the mud. Above everything else, the bitterest pain of all was that God was silent! How could the Lord watch all the suffering of His creation, this faithful servant, and yet not do something, anything, to help him out? “Lord, why? . . . it isn’t supposed to be like this . . .”

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