Job’s Self-Vindication and Attitude

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For men to search out their own glory, is not glory.”

Job’s Self-Vindication

After dwelling on his “undeserved” suffering, Job decides that he will vindicate himself, and by a solemn declaration before the Lord, finally clear himself from all the charges brought against him by his friends.

Job’s Attitude

Job believed that in every department of his life he walked uprightly, in integrity and singleness of heart. He was generous in hospitality; frank and honest in confession of sins, never covered up his guilt like some; he never feared the opinion of others; he was never afraid to say what was right and condemn something that was wrong. He had lived his life straight before God and men.

In this entire chapter the pronouns I, my, me, and mine, occur over 80 times during his self-vindication and he concludes it by saying, “Here is my signature, let the Almighty answer me.”

Job is prepared to sign his name to every word he said. Worse yet, if his “accuser put his indictment in writing” he would “put it on as a crown” and in princely dignity “present it to him” declaring, even to his face, that his steps had been in the way of the Lord.

But there is one more thing . . . “If there is anyone crying out against me . . . If I have been greedy or caused someone to suffer on account of me . . . then let the thistles grow instead of wheat, and weeds instead of barley.”

“The words of Job are ended.”

I sure hope so.

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