Elihu’s Summary to Job

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Elihu’s Summary

Elihu tries to sum up what he understands to be Job’s contention that he was innocent and God was evidently dealing with him as an enemy. Job had said that in the good-ole-days, the Lord’s “justice” was kind of like a crown on his head, but right now, it seemed that he was wrong. Elihu asks if Job, being in reality a finite man, should really judge somebody infinite as God. Did he really expect God to give an account of His actions to him, regardless of how badly he misjudged him? It should be enough for us to know that He is the One who is doing it. It is so silly to fight against Him, because it doesn’t matter how much kicking and fighting we do, it will not compel Him to speak.

The Holy Spirit’s power and guidance is so evident in the way Elihu deals with Job. The Holy Spirit quickly and clearly reveals to Elihu everything he needs to know about Job’s true condition and needs. While the other three were struggling with their vain reasoning, trying to figure out what to say, pouring out torrents of words that were never even close to the real issue, utterly, hopelessly blind to the real diagnosis, Elihu has a quick grasp of the heart of the whole matter and offers the remedy. They also got very touchy when their wisdom was doubted. They became self-assertive with their knowledge and hard-nosed in the application of their theories, overriding every principle of humility simply because of their determination to prove their case.

Elihu just passes by all the side issues, ignores all the theoretical discussions and simply says, “when it comes right down to it Job, you feel you are innocent, and all the wrong is on God’s side! If anyone is to blame, it is obviously Him! Where is your sense of rightness? Just think about it: you are placing the Lord of Hosts in an impossible position. As your Creator He can not yield to your demands. Why enter into a battle with Him? He doesn’t have to give you an account of what He does. Why put Him in the place of an enemy by taking the attitude of one yourself?”

If you are interested, you can download the whole study of Job.

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