Life Out of Death

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Life Out of Death

Elihu explains that he won’t argue and fight over Job’s insistence of his integrity like the others did. He only tells him that if anyone will submit, and allow themselves to learn to know their true nature through the school of trial and adversity, and out of utter despair and helplessness call on the “Ransom,” he will come out not only with “a new Spirit as a little child,” a new freshness of life just like the “early days of youth,” a new power in prayer so that he sees the Lord’s face in joy, a new assurance of righteousness in union with God and its joys, but also with a new attitude about sin and an honest confession of sin to others.

With unspeakable relief you will be able to leave your life and character up to the Father to work out, and know that you don’t have to put up some façade or uphold your “testimony” to his delivering power. You will not be afraid to be open and honest when you screw up and simply say, “Hey, I blew it! I sinned! I perverted that which is right — and frankly, I didn’t get what I deserved.”

That man or woman who is finally delivered can “sing out to men” as they observe God’s mercy and grace. They can plainly see how they were redeemed from the pit of nothingness, despair, loneliness, pain, frustration, emptiness, and with glad new hope will shout “My life shall see the Light!

If you are interested, you can download the whole study of Job.

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