Explaining The Life of a Garden

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The Life of a Garden

We need to learn to be totally set apart for the Lord’s use and pleasure. Think of everything that involves your personality, your mind, emotions and will as a special garden. Not a public garden but one that is locked up and enclosed (read Song of Solomon 4:12). This garden’s one objective is to produce flowers and blossoms that are for beauty and pleasure, which exists for the satisfaction of its owner.

If you will let the Lord prune and cultivate the “garden” in your life, it will produce much life and fruit for His pleasure and satisfaction (Song of Solomon 5:1; Isaiah 53:11).

The Life of a Spring

Using this analogy of our lives being like a garden certainly is not an original one. It is actually found in the fourth chapter of the Song of Solomon. The maiden there is also compared to “a sealed spring.” This well or sealed spring is not intended for public use, nor is it to run at random into every outside area, to roam and wander as it chooses. This is a private garden belonging to the Lord of Glory. The spring of waters within it are His. The Lord invites His friends and lovers to partake of the fruit grown there. It’s not the maiden’s prerogative or choice to give these things out to whomever she chooses.

We don’t have to fret and worry about giving out this precious life that is stored up inside—it is not ours to give. Only Jesus can unlock the garden or unseal the spring. Only He can give permission for people to enter.

Ask yourself how many times you jumped in with a testimony or an attempt to evangelize someone, maybe a co-worker or a friend, and they simply made fun of you. As each word came out of your mouth, they were dry and lifeless.

No matter how much we might long to witness to someone or desire to share with others, unless the Lord Himself removes the seal from the well (Gen. 29:2, 9-10) or unlocks the garden (Song 4), all our striving is in vain. Also, remember that “every container without a lid fastened on it will be unclean.” On the other hand, we might find ourselves in situations where the idea of actually ministering to the person we are talking to is the farthest thing from our mind. All of a sudden, we are aware the Lord jumped in and began ministering through us, watering and feeding his heart. What happened? Well, the Lord brought one of His friends or lovers into His garden. The Lord knows who are His and who is thirsty. He is well able to quench their thirst and give them “the water of life without cost.”

As we allow the Lord to cultivate the garden of our soul, He will take what He has grown and will feed His sheep. “I will satisfy the priests with abundance and then my people will be filled with my bounty” (Jer.31:14).

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