Job’s Deliverance

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Job’s Deliverance

Then we read that “after Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord made him prosperous again . . .” Now, isn’t that interesting? Humanly speaking, you would think that he should have been delivered from his distress and then he would be expected to pray for his friends. However, the Lord had acknowledged him as His “servant” and rebuked his would-be comforters, Job’s outward circumstances had never changed one bit!

This should not be too surprising, though. When the Israelites came out of Egypt, the waters parted for them before them. They were immature and inexperienced in the supernatural word, so YHWH had to do everything for them. Then, when Joshua lead them into their promised land, after many years of experience and daily exposure to YHWH’s supernatural provision, more was expected of them. So when they approached the waters this time, the water did not part until they stepped into the water. They had to act first, and then the miracles came.

I have seen this in my own life many times. In the early days of my walk with the Lord I had a simple belief that He could do anything and that I could depend wholly on His Word. There was a time when five bees came into our house. I spoke softly and kindly to them and simply told them to leave our home. I also warned them that if they refused to leave, I would curse them and they would die. Four bees left, but one bee refused. Once again I warned him and he refused to leave. So I indeed cursed him and he dropped to the floor dead; I was driving in a horrendous snow storm and had to drop off some people who were traveling with me. I spoke to the snow and commanded it to stop until I returned home . . . and that is exactly what happened; another time several of us were returning at night from a conference when we encountered fog so dense we couldn’t see the hood of our car, let alone see the edges of the road. We spoke to the fog to lift and it did. It lifted to the point that we were essentially driving in a tunnel. We could see the road several feet in front of us. That is not all that happened. I could go on and on, boring you with more stories of the miraculous and faith.

I share these stories not to brag on any thing I have done or experienced, but to illustrate that in my early days as a believer the Lord moved much more freely . . . now, many years later, He expects more of me. I am expected to rely on the strength of His promises and the steadfastness of His Word. Where in the early days, the miraculous was a daily experience, today He will not allow me to rely on the miraculous as proof of His Word. I must TRUST in His work. Although the years have tamed and mellowed me, I am not as judgmental; I am not as impulsive, but I have notice an increase in prophetic words and words of knowledge. I certainly have a greater sensitivity to hearts of those I meet.

In Job’s case, this was a beautiful test of his inner spirit! Although outwardly he may still be a beggar, he acts like a prince! Just as Jesus had prayed in the midst of His own suffering for those who were crucifying him, Job prays for his friends.

As he prays, the Word of power is spoken from the throne, “Deliver him . . . I have found a Ransom.” Job is free! How he is delivered, we are not really told. Possibly because it i’s not important for us to know. Or maybe, the Lord knows that when we are in the midst of our own trials, we might be tempted to set our minds on the outward and visible signs of blessing, rather than on the inward grace that is much more important

The main thing for us to realize is that his deliverance came when he got his eyes off himself and prayed for his friends! We will see the joy of our deliverance when we can quit our moaning and bellyaching. When we stop fussing over our own needs and leave them in the hands of the Lord. When we give ourselves to the ministry of others and desire with our whole heart the blessing of others more than ourselves, then we will see our deliverance. But don’t look to outward evidence of this deliverance. It may not come immediately. It may take months or years or even decades. But in your heart, that is to be irrelevant.

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