From Jipu Barikdar: Pray for ” BASIC LEADERSHIP TRANING “

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Hello Saints,

Greetings from Chittagong, Bangladesh!


I am grateful to all who are helping in our ministry with prayer and financial support. God is helping and blessing in our ministry. As many of you know, our last Friendship Day Celebration was so Chomatkar! (Excellent). Still many students are coming to the Church where we did the program and asking how they get a copy of the Friendship day CD! (We gave the students the Jesus Film CD’s on that day and many students thought that it is Friendship day CD). Also many students are asking for the New Testaments Bible from our disciples. So we are so excited and thanking God for His blessings! As under the rocky ground, streams are flowing, in Bangladesh God is working in the same! We are seeing that many students are thirsty for God’s word!

To meet the needs of the students, we are going to train some of our disciples through Basic Leadership training on 21st and 22nd of August so they can share the Gospel with their friends and can build a great movements in their campuses. About 25 students will attended this training program from different campuses. We will train them how to make disciples through personal sharing.

As you know that we are not allowed to enter any campuses for ministry purposes. So our trained disciples will be the main source for witnessing in those places.

So I am asking for your prayers that our disciples will have greater wisdom, boldness, courage. Also pray for those of us who are going to teach them. We are asking for you financial support if you are able, but we also need your prayers regarding the training.

Thank you all for your prayers!

In His service-

Jipu Barikdar

Campus Crusade for Christ


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