Syria Gone in 1 Day

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Pastor J.D. looks at the Bible’s prophecy of the destruction of Damascus in one (1) day. Do current events line up with what the Bible foretold will happen in the time before the great tribulation (or time of [Israel’s] Jacob’s trouble) and if so how does it fit in with the overall prophetic picture given in God’s Holy word, the Bible to create what JD calls “the Perfect Prophetic Storm? This is Part 13 now, the eigth week of our study.

Syria Damascus Fall United States China North Korea Factor Peace Security Mahdi Mystery Babylon Mother Harlot Israel Jew Judaism Middle East Bible Prophecy Perfect Prophetic Storm Iran Russia Iraq Tribulation Rapture Second Coming Jesus God Christ anti-christ Wall Down Messiah Truth Life Death War Peace Heaven Hell Eternity Justice Judgement Armageddon End Times Last Days Eschatology Muslim Imam World Leader Peace Agreement.


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