Leadership Secrets of Jesus

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Nearly two thousand years ago, one person trained twelve ordinary people who went on to so influence the world that time itself is now recorded in reference to His existence. No other figure in world history has made a comparable impact. What made Jesus such a powerful leader of men? What were His leadership secrets?

You could spend a lifetime answering that question and still only scratch the surface, but I believe there are a few things that stand out clearly in the Word.

1. A Clear Sense of Mission

The term “mission statement” is a familiar part of the modern vocabulary. Yet 2,000 years ago, Jesus modeled a key to successful leadership that goes to the heart of this issue. Jesus knew His mission and He never deviated from it. During a test in the wilderness, Jesus was presented with three attractive opportunities that would have diverted Him from His cause. Opportunities that seemed to promise a shortcut to gratification. He wisely refused them. To lead, we must do the same. So let me ask you: Do you have a clearly articulated mission? And are you willing to say “no” to appealing distractions on the way to fulfilling it?

2. Passion for a High Cause

Examine the life of Jesus and you’re sure to be struck by one thing… He always exhibited great passion for His cause. A leader who is not passionately committed to the cause will draw little commitment from others.

In the third chapter of Revelation, Jesus told a group of people to either be cold or hot. He warned that being lukewarm made them utterly useless.

Whether He was defying the religious defenders of the status quo or driving crooks from the temple, Jesus was passion personified. He had a fire that spread to those around Him. Do you have a passionate commitment to a God-given cause?

3. A Plan

I read an interesting statement from a successful C.E.O. recently. He said, “A good idea is worth one dollar. A good plan for implementing that idea is worth a million dollars.”

A good leader has more than ideas. A good leader has a plan. This is one of the leadership secrets Jesus modeled. Throughout the gospels, we see Jesus refusing distractions and diversions and sticking to the plan He knew God had given Him.

You may be a great motivator of people, but the energy you create will be wasted unless you have a wise and clearly articulated plan. So, do you have a plan? Is it clear? Is it workable? So, when will you start?

4. A Team

There is no substitute for skill in team building.

Once Jesus began His ministry, He wasted no time in beginning to assemble a team. He hand picked individuals from a variety of backgrounds, often with the simple call, “Follow me.”

Jesus’ mission was to save the world, but He chose not to do it alone. If you want to accomplish something significant, one of the most basic steps toward attainment of your goal is to form a team. Few one-man bands ever achieve greatness. So, what are you trying to do alone that a team would help you accomplish?

5. Seeing Things Differently

One trait Jesus always exhibited was the power and courage to see things differently. For example, on two occasions in which He raised someone from the dead, He resisted using the term dead. “She is not dead. She’s sleeping,” He said to the grieving Jairus (Mark 5:39).

His perception of the challenge was different from everyone else’s. So, what problem do you need to start seeing differently today


What made Jesus the greatest impacter of people and nations the world has ever known? I’ve listed a few of the reasons above. Use these principles and questions to help model yourself after the example of our Lord. Put the leadership secrets of Jesus to work for you.


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