New Church Planting movement in Bangladesh (CPM)

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New Church Planting movement in Bangladesh (CPM)


There are 85,000 villages in Bangladesh and about 80,000 villages have no Churches yet. So Christian Life Bangladesh (A ministry of Campus Crusade For Christ) takes an initiative to send staffs to the village there is no Church. First we are trained 90 faithful staffs and send them 45 villages and within 2016 they will evangelize 2,700 villages and make small house Church in that villages. They will evangelized through P= Prayer, C= Care and S= Share system. (I will trained them on 10th January, Please pray for my wisdom for the training)

So please pray for the faithful worker that may God help them and give wisdom and protection. Most of the villagers are Muslim and fundamentalist also. Within 2020 we wanted to see and pray house Church in every villages in Bangladesh.

– Jipu Barikdar


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