Churches across UK to Tune in to 3-Minute Informative Video on “Equality Bill” this Sunday

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“…if the Bill goes through, their church could not advertise for a ‘Christian youth worker,’ but just a ‘youth worker.’ The role of worship leader… could no longer be restricted to Christians.”

Andrea Minichiello-Williams on video(London, UK)—Churches across the UK will interrupt their worship this Sunday to watch a three-minute warning video about the Equality Bill, which is due to be voted on in the House of Commons the following day.

Christian Concern for our Nation believes the Bill is the biggest state intervention into people’s private expression of their faith since the Reformation.

Director Andrea Minichiello-Williams will tell Christians that if the Bill goes through, their church could not advertise for a “Christian youth worker”, but just a “youth worker”. The role of worship leader, often pivotal in any church, could no longer be restricted to Christians.

Andrea Minichiello Williams commented, “Christians and Churches across this nation need to be aware that this Bill has enormous implications for their day-to-day functioning. If it is passed in its present form, the Equality Bill will result in churches and Christian organizations having to recruit people to key positions who are unsympathetic to the need to reflect Christ and to worship Him through their work. That will in turn affect the way in which Jesus Christ is perceived by those served by the Church and its ministries.”

To watch CCFON’s video now, CLICK HERE, or on the source link provided.


How to make a difference

1. Sign the petition

This petition asks the Government to remove the amendments that would make the law more restrictive for religious organisations:

2. Write to Peers

Please write to one or more Peers listed at this link and ask them to vote for Baroness O’Cathain’s Schedule 9 amendments, explaining that the vote will take place on 25th January

Click here for information on writing to Peers.

3. Find out more

The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship briefing on the Equality Bill:

Please see the CARE report: A Little Bit Against Discrimination?


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