The Book of Acts: An Unfinished Story (pt 3 of 6)

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In his introduction to Acts, Eugene Peterson wrote:

The story of Jesus is beyond our wildest dreams—the God of the universe with us, speaking a language we can understand, acting in ways that heal and help and save us! What an awesome story! It is so awesome that we stand with our eyes open wide, our mouths unable to speak, paralyzed by our awe of God, reduced to watchers, admirers, spectators, generous with our ooh’s and ahhhhh’s, and—in our better moments—inspired to be like Jesus.

Luke’s job is to prevent us from becoming a fan club for Jesus. He shatters the ranks of Jesus’ admirers by showing them that there are only two responses to the reality of Jesus: you either follow Jesus or your forget him. Of the original four writers of the Gospels, Luke alone continues to tell what it’s like to follow Jesus into the next generation. Luke shows us that the story of Jesus does not end with Jesus; it continues in the lives of those who believe in him. The supernatural doesn’t end with Jesus; it continues with us.

These Christians Luke writes about were not spectators of Jesus any more than Jesus was a spectator of God. They were not spectators at all. These Christians were in on the action. God was acting in them, living in them. Guess what that means for us? Christianity is not something to read about; it is something to participate in. Luke wants us to know Christ is where the action is!


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