Two More Emotional Rescues from the Rubble in Haiti

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“A lot of prayers go out for the work that we do, so I believe that God was present with me and He decided He wanted me to survive, and so He was with me and helped me in those moments.”

Husband diggingAnother incredible rescue of a survivor of Haiti’s earthquake was captured on video, and carried by NBC Nightly News. (Photo: NBC-buried wife calls to husband from small airhole in rubble, while he digs)

Soon after LA County Fire and Rescue landed in Haiti, they were put to work when a husband—desperately searching for his wife as piles of cement and rebar are cleared from what was once a bank—suddenly hears her answer when he calls her name.

“She’s there, she’s alive,” yells the man.

As the firefighters arrive to help reach the woman, she has a message for her husband, and cries in French from her pocket of refuge amid the destruction.

“Even if I die, I love you so much; don’t forget it!” she says.

Watch her amazing rescue by CLICKING HERE.

the notebookAnd then, an American filmmaker named Dan Woolley, was buried under six stories of rubble when his hotel lobby in Haiti collapsed in the Jan. 12th quake. He was trapped there for 65 hours. During that time, and sensing no rescue near, he began to write “goodbye” notes to his little boys and his wife. (Photo: TODAY/MSNBC)

“I was in a big accident,” he wrote to his boys, “Don’t be upset at God. He always provides for His children, even in hard times. I’m still praying that God will get me out, but He may not. But He will always take care of you.”

Woolley had been working for Compassion International, making a film on the impact of extreme poverty found in Haiti.

Dan Woolley and familyA “First Aid APP” was one of those downloaded by Woolley to his new iPhone, and—under tons of rubble—it came in handy; giving him information on how to fashion a tourniquet for his leg and to stay awake to avoid shock. He set the alarm on his phone to ring every 20 minutes to ward off sleep. (Photo: TODAY/MSNBC)

Sixty-five hours later, Woolley was elated to be extracted from the decimation around him, by a French rescue team.

Watch the moving Today Show video at the source link provided.

Source: NBC Staff – MSNBC


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