Miracle “Resurrection” Recounted by Doctor and His Patient

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“I realize and my family realizes that without those prayers going on in that hospital that day, I wouldn’t be standing here. I’m one of God’s modern day miracles.”

(Seneca, SC)—A little over a year ago, as days of arguing came to a head between Ken Kirby and his wife Tina while they put away Christmas decorations, Ken suffered a massive heart attack.

Ken, a 52-year-old police officer, was rushed to a nearby hospital where Dr. Edwin Leap, was the emergency physician on call that night. Meanwhile, Tina had gathered with her family, pastor, friends, and intercessors at the hospital to pray.

As reported by CBN, for 45 minutes Ken did not have a pulse.

Dr. LeapSaid Dr. Leap: “During the resuscitation, we’re working. Nothing’s working….I looked at the staff and said, ‘We need to pray about this.’ There was no moment. We dropped to our knees, and there was no moment that we stopped doing anything, but I know they did.”

Then, out of nowhere, the team detected a pulse. In remembering that day, Dr. Leap noted: “This is remarkable. This was a man [who] the day before had been cyanotic, purplish blue from the waist up. With a very long resuscitation, 45 minutes of CPR, it’s incredible. It’s an incredible story.”

“This is a person by all standard measures should have died,” Dr. Leap says. “But he didn’t. Not only did he not die, he physically survived and mentally survived and was talking the next day. I can’t imagine that this is nothing more than divine intervention. Now, were we a part of that because we prayed? I believe we were. We worked hard and believed that there was something happening here.”

Follow the link below to watch their amazing testimonies, and how God repaired Ken and Tina’s marriage.


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