The South Pacific Boils!

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I wanted to post this recent prophetic word by Chuck Pierce and his team about the South Pacific boiling over. Much is happening over the earth and we must be ready to pray and make declaration of what God shows us. That’s why we so need voices like Chuck Pierce and his ministry speaking into the earth’s circumstances to get a true picture of God’s heart over them.

Chuck Pierce:

Chuck Pierce
The South Pacific Boils!

Dear Aligned Watchmen:

Prayer and intercession is keeping the portal between Heaven and Earth opened over us. During one portion of our Sunday morning service, Isaac Pierce began to play a drum with great intensity. The sound that was released and accompanied in song by LeAnn Squier was interpreted by Barbara Wentroble and Keith Pierce.

Barbara began to prophesy the word of the Lord, “For many today would speak of a global warming. I would say that I have a global warming for I am igniting a flame within the hearts of My people throughout the earth. This is an hour that it has been like fire shut up within your bones. But I am coming with a release this hour. No longer will the fire be shut up within your bones, but I am getting ready to release My holy fire in the earth. Watch Me as I bring a global warming in the hearts of My people; as I melt the very coldest of hearts in this season.

“Even a new evangelistic anointing will be upon you. I am going to cause the fire that has been withheld for so long to break forth. Now enter in to a new time when I shall break forth on every side. Watch Me begin to war. Watch Me begin to loose My fire in the most unlikely places. Even in those places where there has been an attempt to silence My voice, I say I’m getting ready to break out. No man, no government will be able to stop My voice in this hour. So know that the warming that I am bringing will be a holy fire and it shall be ignited throughout the earth through My people in this new season.”

Keith Pierce then said, “The moment that Isaac began to hit the drum, I saw ignition occur. As it ignited I saw fire begin to shoot out from our fingertips. The Lord says, ‘Where the hand touches this season, new provision will occur. Where the hand touches, the enemy will bow. I will use you in days ahead to lay hands on many because I will shift a nation from this point this day.’ I keep seeing the waters of the South Pacific warming and beginning to bubble. ‘I will have a group of people that I will put on a journey that will seek out the root of this churning.'”

Barbara added this word of the Lord, “I would say even that boiling up in the South Pacific that is designed by the enemy for destruction; I am going to have a people who will rise up in this hour. They will turn what was meant for destruction into My purposes. I am going to give you power over the winds and over the waves. Even as My Son spoke to the winds and spoke to the waves and commanded them to be still, this is the hour that you will speak to the destructive winds and to the destructive waves and you shall cause them to be stilled. That that was meant for destruction, I shall turn it for My purposes in this hour.”

Keith continued, “Listen to the sound of war because it is building. When it builds My people will arise. When they arise, they will come to their new mantle. They will receive their new authority. They will extend their hands in a new way. Extend your hands and face the contrary wind. Speak to the ill winds and say, ‘Cease. You will not bring the locust across my land. Cease. You will not enter my cargo ship. Cease and desist.’ Today is the day that I am Jehovah-Shalom. I am your peace. I am your prosperity in the midst of the storm.”


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