Church Evicted from Its Meeting Place

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Gospel for Asia–supported pastor Kundan Bose and his congregation in South Asia have been asked to vacate the place where they had been meeting for worship for the past couple of years.

They had been meeting in the home of a believer, Victor Pillai, but he died in January. Two of his grown sons informed Kundan that he can no longer have services in their father’s home.

“Pastor, our father is no more; therefore you need to vacate the house,” they told him, “and there won’t be any spiritual activities here from now on. We are going to live in this house.”

The two men are opposed to Christianity and have been making life more difficult for Kundan and Victor’s other two surviving sons, who know the Lord and are active in Kundan’s church. Many others in the village are also opposed to the Gospel and church activities. The situation is tense for the believers who live there.

The growth of Kundan’s church congregation is nothing short of a miracle. For hundreds of years, the villagers in this tribal community have worshiped multiple deities. Black magic practices and witchcraft are established village traditions.

With a zeal to see the people of this village reached, Kundan spent years faithfully sharing the hope of Christ with them. This whole village is considered by society as untouchables, and Kundan demonstrates the love of Christ by ministering to their tangible needs with gifts from the GFA Christmas Gift Catalog.

Kundan has joyfully witnessed dozens of these villagers personally embrace the redemption Christ offers. This is cause for rejoicing even in the face of the current situation in this village.

GFA leaders request prayer for the situation in this village:

  • Pray that the Lord will soften the hearts of all who are opposed to the Gospel.
  • Pray that the Christians will grow in their faith and stand strong in the Lord in the midst of these difficulties.
  • Pray for comfort for all four of the sons who lost their father, and that the two sons who don’t yet know Jesus will be drawn to Him.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide the land and resources for Pastor Kundan and his congregation to have their own place in which to worship. Pray they will be able to find suitable facilities for their worship services in the meantime.
  • Pray that all of this village will be drawn to Christ and become a great blessing to the neighboring communities.
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