Opportunity for Great Awakening with the Lord of the Harvest

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Whenever there’s disaster, there’s a lot of opinion about it. “Was it God’s judgment?” is usually the question that arises thereafter. Instead of focusing on “What caused this disaster?”, we as Christians have been given the command to preach the Gospel, lay hands on the sick, cast out demons…because FREELY we have received, FREELY GIVE (see Matthew 10). There is NO given environment or condition to this command…it fits all conditions of living.

Yes, God can stop pending disaster and many times I believe He has, but I’ve also said that at times He will ALLOW things to happen so that His GOODNESS can come out of a situation. We can never say we understand His ways, because His ways are higher, but we can know and practice His nature and character of grace, mercy, lovingkindness, and most of all LOVE in all situations.

With that said, this is a great word by Luke Holter on this very subject. God spoke to him about catastrophes, and it’s not only enlightening but very encouraging in the nature of God and how we can display it to the world. It’s harvest time and it may come in ways we don’t think it should or ways we don’t comprehend, but nonetheless it’s here. It’s a time of Great Awakening for the Body at large.

Luke Holter:

I am hearing a lot of things as of late on the issue of catastrophe and the wrath of God as it pertains to mankind and the globe. I find myself on a personal journey with the Lord on this issue and on how we respond as the Church. My heart has been gripped over the reaction I have seen and heard concerning Haiti and judgment. I am asking the Lord, “Papa, what do You want us to do?” I believe that the Lord has given me specific prophetic insight into such issues as wrath and catastrophes.

On New Year’s Eve the Lord spoke a very clear word to me during an event at our church. We had just wound down the celebration into the New Year and were celebrating with a time of worship and prophetic declaration when, all at once, the Lord broke in and spoke to me! I heard the Lord speak this phrase: “I will tug on the heartstrings of this world, and My Church will be the cords of loving kindness. The Church will be My song to this world.”

I began to dialog with the Lord by asking, “Papa, what do you mean?” And the Lord spoke to me and said, “There is coming catastrophe to the world and I am providing opportunity for My Church to shine the Light of Christ to the hurting and lost.” The Lord started telling me that, “When we observe judgment or wrath, My Bride uses it as a reason to do nothing.”

We need to rise as the Church and pray for God to bless and help those who are going through suffering, praying for the Glory of God to come. We sometimes make internal statements like, “Well, they are in sin so they deserved what happened to them.” The major problem with this kind of thinking is that once we agree with those thoughts, we reject others and do nothing with the opportunity we have just been given.

The Lord spoke and said, “My Church is missing the opportunities that are being laid out before them because they have misunderstood My nature and character.” I started asking the Lord to show me what He means by this statement and He began to overwhelm me with His Glory and Fear. I began to manifest and shake under the weight of His presence. Then the Lord spoke again to me and said, “My Church doesn’t understand My nature and character, thus they do not respond correctly; you think you know Me but you do not! My Church thinks I am one-dimensional in My nature and character, thus you only side with one dimension, but I tell you that I will never suspend one attribute for another. I AM fully wrath and fully love, fully mercy and fully chastising.”

We are called to act on behalf of God on this earth. We have a mandate to be the actions of Christ in this world. We must interpret the times and respond under Holy Spirit unction at a kairos moment. The world will be given a “road to Damascus” experience in this next year, I believe, and the Church must be poised and ready to be the light of Christ in that moment and speak a word to the lost, dying, and hurting. We must respond in prayer and tenderness to the world around us for the sake of worldwide salvation through God-given opportunity. There is a great harvest coming and the Lord of the harvest is waiting for us to join up with His work.

Prayer: God, give us the strength to love the lost in this world. Father, help break down all the false doctrines we have in our hearts of Your nature and character. Father, we ask you to help us be Your hands in this world. God, give us a spirit of prayer and compassion so we can respond in wisdom unto great salvation! Amen.

Luke Holter
Prophetic Sheep Ministries

Email: propheticsheep@yahoo.com

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