“There is a Key that Has Been Released—The Key to Your Destiny in Me”

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Taffie Furr
Prophesied on January 9, 2010 in Albany, Oregon at The ElijahList’s “What is God Saying for 2010?” Conference

Not too long ago, Ivan Roman gave me a word about a sword being behind my back (hidden), and that I would draw it out, and it was mighty, and it was a large sword. I would draw it out from time to time. All afternoon, I’ve been seeing that sword, and I’ve been feeling the feel of drawing it out. I believe the Lord is saying that it’s time to be released, not just for me, but for the Body of Christ. There are hidden things, there are hidden mantles, and it’s time for those things to be released in you. The Spirit of Prophecy is here and the Spirit of Revelation is here, and it’s time for it to be released and unlocked. So, let’s take our swords out together, in the name of Jesus, and let those things be released, and let our words be decreed and solid and straight as an arrow, hitting the mark, in the name of Jesus!

“Today—today in your sight,” says the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty, “there is a key that has been released and it is the key to your destiny in Me. It is the key that unlocks every seal, that I’ve called you forth to be in the name of Jesus Christ.” He’s speaking of your callings that you have been predestined with, and have the seal of the Holy Spirit upon, becoming manifest within you.

You shall go forth as a mighty army of zeal in the Lord. I call forth the fire of God, right now, to be released upon you, to be released upon you and unlocked, in the name of Jesus Christ. I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “For I have called you forth for such a time as this; I have given you My name, and I have given you My word, and there shall be no enemy—no enemy that shall stand against you, for I shall bring down every enemy that has stood in your path and I shall replace that enemy with joy, with blessing, with purity and all that is Mine, all that is Mine,” says the Spirit of the Living God. “Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice unto this day,” says the Living God.


Taffie Furr
Revelation of Jesus Christ Ministries

Email: revjcministries@yahoo.com


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