Update from Bangladesh

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Greetings from Bangladesh!

If you have heard the news, you must know that for several days there have been riots in our country between the tribal friends and Bengali speaking people who migrated from the plane land in three hail district. (It’s a riot for land not for religion). Unfortunately many tribal friends were killed and their houses were burned. Sadly, most people are new believers and three Churches were burned.

Many tribal friends escaped from their homesand took shelter in remote areas and deep forest. Many of our disciples lost everything they owned. Many missionaries were working there and now they are taking shelter in city area. One of my tribal disciples, who is a Pastor, gave me a phone call from a forest where he took shelter with his wife. I don’t know how his current situation is because I his cell phone was off.

I have many tribal disciples and I enjoy their simplicity and honesty. If you see the photo of the burning houses, you will feel the sorrow! Our government is trying their best to control the situation. I am asking you for some help from my Church members to my tribal friends. Many men of God assure me that they will do their best. I am praying for them.

As I stated above, this is not a riot for religion but our tribal friends, who are mostly Christian (God is working with the tribes and many have received Christ), are harmed. So please stand beside them with your prayer. Please pray for the peace of the hilly area and the people of this place. Please pray for our believer friends who lost their houses and everything, may God provide all their needs soon! Please pray for our Bengali brothers, many of them are affected by the riot.

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