I Am Breaking Open the Fountains of the Deep

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This is a short, yet potent word of the Lord from Mark Chironna. Sometimes I prefer the shorter prophetic words because they are sharp and right to the point…and sometimes that’s exactly what we need to hear. I like the part that Mark talking about the fountains of the deep. We’ve been saying for years that “wells” in God’s people are opening up…I think it’s sooner than later. Yes, we do have deep wells within and the enemy has been trying to discourage people in their journey, when in fact, God has saved the best wine for last! The Deep in you WILL be broken open!

Mark Chironna:

The following was prophesied by Bishop Mark Chironna on January 22, 2010 at The Master’s Touch International Church in Longwood, Florida:

Word of the Lord, Bishop: “As it was in the days of Noah, I opened the fountains of the deep. I broke open the fountains, both in the heavenly expanse and in the ground. And so now, you are in that hour and that time and that season and that place, where I am breaking open the fountains of the deep—both in the earth and in the heavenlies. And deep will call unto deep at the sound of the waterspouts of the Almighty.

“And I will be seen again in the land. For I am walking in the midst of the candlesticks in this hour and in this day, and I will align those who hear what My Spirit is saying and they will come into a new level both of awareness and of awakening and indeed ascension. For I am raising up a righteous remnant in this hour and they will be dressed in authority; they will be dressed in power and they will be dressed in humility.

The Ground will Begin to Vibrate and Open Up

“And you would ask Me, ‘How, oh God, will You open the fountains of the deep?’ Every place the sole of their foot treads, when they step, they will be aligning with the intension of Heaven. And the heavenly rhythm and vibration of their authority will resonate with the ground and the ground will begin to vibrate and open up. And there will be a release from earth back to Heaven; for, notice that the angels ascended and then descended.

“Do not look for water to fall. Look for water to rise. For as the water rises first, then it will fall second for the days of the release of what is in the belly of My people; in the treasure of these earthen vessels is about to be broken up, opened up and poured out in such a fashion that the waterfall will move in reverse.”

Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Mark Chironna Ministries

Email: markchironna@markchironna.com


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