The Dream: Africa Ablaze with God’s Glory

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Catherine Brown recently went to Africa earlier this year. As you’ll see in her article, she went over there filled with His Spirit, while pouring out His extravagant love, and came back with miracle testimonies to share. Again, another word about “the fire of God” that is falling—on the nations—and this one is about Africa.

Catherine Brown:

Catherine Brown

During the night before I left for Uganda (Friday 15th January) I had a powerful dream and saw the continent of Africa with fires being lit all over it. East Africa was ablaze and this was the first part of Africa to ignite, but the fire of God was not limited only to the East. It touched Nigeria, the west, and ran like a river of fire down from the north to the south also. The continent changed to a scroll and I was instructed to swallow the scroll in my dream. I did this and my belly became full of the fire of God burning within me. The fire began to flow from my belly and different African nations were discernible in form in the fire. The fire speaks of the coming revival and a move of God in Africa. During my ministry trip in Uganda, God spoke to me several times about the prophetic destiny of Africa and, in particular, Uganda. These revelations are detailed in this report.

The Dream: “The Enslaved Shall Become the Emancipator”

During the night on Wednesday, 20 January 2010, I had a powerful dream and saw again the continent of Africa, and understood I was looking down through many centuries of time into the past. I witnessed nations come from the west to enslave Africans and my heart was broken. Then an amazing thing happened in my dream as we transitioned to present-time revelation: The “tables were turned” and the one who had formerly been enslaved was now no longer a slave; and this African person reached out in mercy to the one from the west who had made them a slave, and immediately bridges of mercy appeared all over Africa.

The release of mercy caused Africa’s borders to extend as bridges of God’s mercy were sent to reach the nations. The bridges speak of African Believers anointed with the mercy of God to bring restoration to those who are now enslaved to sin in the west. Africa grew in size in my dream as God’s mercy was extended—this speaks of the advancement of God’s Kingdom on earth through the ministry of African servants of the Lord.

God spoke to me by His Spirit and said, “The Enslaved shall become the Emancipator.” Under the anointing described in Isaiah 61, African Believers are being sent out to the nations to bring deliverance to western nations who are now entrenched (and thus enslaved) in sin. It is my firm belief that this is God’s kairos time for the west to receive Africa’s anointed, end-time leaders as they are commissioned to serve God’s purposes and plans in the nations. As I shared the dream and its interpretation, I prophesied that Africa had entered her sovereign time-line for revival and would experience an exodus of redemption.

It is my sincere conviction that Africa is a gateway continent, which means that whatever is bound and loosed in Africa, will therefore be bound and loosed on the earth. Through Africa, the west can receive blessing or cursing, depending on who is doing the binding and the loosing! If the Church in Africa will rise up and take her place in divine destiny, God is going to release mighty waves of His redemptive glory through African ministers and ministries that will bring transformation to the nations.

Time for a Change of Mindset

On a personal level God has used wonderfully anointed African brothers and sisters in my life to transition me to the next level of my destiny in Him; without their obedience and input to my life, I would not be standing where I am in the purposes and plans of God. The first time I ministered in the USA, I was graciously received by apostle Brian and Candice Simmons, formerly of Gateway Church in Connecticut. I recall standing in the hallway and a little black boy jumped out of his mama’s arms and ran down the hallway and jumped into my arms, wrapping himself around me. I wept tears of joy as God confirmed my call to be a mother to Africa.

When God chose to ordain and commission me into apostolic office, He sent an apostle all the way from Kabale, Uganda, to my home region to anoint and appoint me. I work closely with a number of incredible African ministers, who are my ministry partners. What I am trying to convey is that it is time for a shift in our mindset. It is not about what the west can bring to Africa; it is about how black and white can come together in the divine purposes of God to execute His will in the nations. May God grant us wisdom and revelation to understand our calling and its context in this hour as we walk in Holy Spirit-inspired alliances.

Keys that Must Not Be Lost

Just before I wakened, I had a second dream in which I noticed two keys lying on the ground. They were in danger of being lost, but I was instructed to bend down and to pick them up. I recovered the keys and my dream ended. The keys have numerous applications and speak to us of:

1. Black and white co-labouring together as end-time harvesters in the equality of our Kingdom identity as sons and daughters of the Living God.

2. Africa and western nations forming cross-continental, collaborative, end-time alliances to release divine strategies for the pulling down of unrighteous strongholds and the establishment of the Church in righteousness of Christ.

3. The Church and the government in Africa working together for God’s glory. It is time for the Church to shift into God’s governmental paradigm in prayers, decrees, and spiritual legislation and application. May God grant the Church in Uganda grace to stand for His righteous purposes. Africa’s holy spiritual victories shall become victories for many other nations on the earth.

Vision of the White Horse and the Revival Elephant

I received this vision during worship at our conference on Thursday, 21 January 2010:

In a vision I saw a magnificent white horse riding towards me; it was powerful and immediately I thought that this could be the type of horse that Christ might ride upon as the Lord of Hosts. Suddenly, the vision changed and before me was a majestic African elephant running at full speed and with absolute focus. It was a breathtaking picture of beauty and power.

The Holy Spirit said to me, “The western world thinks revival is coming on a white horse, but tell the earth to get ready because revival is coming in an unstoppable ‘elephant stampede.'” The elephant speaks of the tribes of Africa as they go forth carrying the glory of God to change the nations. This does not mean that western nations will not be used by God in end-time revival, but God wants us to understand the place of Africa in His end-time destiny for nations.
Catherine Brown

Later that morning, I was privileged to meet with one of President’s Museveni’s private secretaries, Faith Kabana, and shared with her about the dreams and vision. She and the group who meet faithfully every day to pray in the State House were very much encouraged. We prayed for a bridge of glory and mercy to be established between our nations and believe God has laid a foundation of a righteous Kingdom connection for His glory.

A Sign and a Wonder—Uganda, Africa: “It is Time for Revival”

All night on Friday, 22 January 2010, I had intense stomach pains and was awake most of the evening. I used the time to pray and wait upon the Lord. All night long heavy rains poured down as a deluge from the skies, accompanied by thunder and lightning. I personally love the sound of heavy rain, and it blessed me to experience it afresh in my beloved Uganda, Africa. In the early daybreak, a lightning strike hit the ground and immediately my mobile phone switched itself off and then switched itself back on again, and the time read exactly “6:21”. I was convinced God was speaking to me in a sign and a wonder. Mobile phones may switch themselves off when they run out of battery power, but I have never known a mobile phone that could switch itself back on unaided!

The time on my phone pointed to a Scripture reference:

Tell him: “We were slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt, but the LORD brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand.”—Deuteronomy 6:21

This wonderful sign confirmed the “Exodus of Redemption” (the given Scripture relates to the exodus of the Israelites from bondage and oppression to the Egyptians and deliverance by the mighty hand of God. Israel did not leave Egypt empty-handed, but plundered the camp of the enemy). I had been prophesying the previous three days about Uganda and Africa coming into revival. A sign is given to point us to God; and God was using a mobile phone (a means of communication) to confirm His word that this was Africa’s kairos time, especially for Uganda and East Africa, to experience a powerful move of God. I marveled silently at God’s goodness, and faith soared.

“Revival is About the Power of My Presence”

Later that morning, I arrived at the NDE conference I was attending in Wakiso, Uganda. Another fellow minister from the USA (Pastor Rick McKinnis, Senior Pastor of Wellspring, Connecticut) was sharing at the pulpit and I was prompted by the Lord to join him to share the sign and the Scripture I had received. As I walked forward I was conscious we were standing in a holy moment. It was (and is) my belief that when the lightning hit the ground during the storm and my phone switched off and on, that God simultaneously released something of His revival power by His Spirit in the land.

As I shared about what had happened and prophesied to Africa, I was completely overwhelmed by God’s presence and power and was unable to stand. My fellow ministers supported me as the power of God swept over me and I prophesied revival had been birthed in Uganda. I shook violently. Like Isaiah in Isaiah, chapter 6, I was “undone” and had to be assisted to my seat, and eventually to our vehicle. God’s presence came with incredible power and with the fear of the Lord. Some were silent, others wept, a loud shout of birthing rent the tents, and I am convinced that revival was birthed in Uganda. For some hours afterwards I was barely able to move and deeply affected by the encounter. All I could do was worship quietly and lay my head down. Over and over the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Revival is about the power of My presence before it is about the presence of My power.”

I was privileged to co-labour with apostles from Uganda, the USA and other anointed ministers from the United Kingdom. I do not want to convey a message in which it sounds as though I am trying to elevate myself in any way. I long to be “invisible” in the recounting of this divine encounter, yet it is important to mention people and places by way of validation of testimony. Pastor McKinnis shared that it was his understanding what we had experienced in Wakiso was similar to the beginning of the recent outpouring in Kansas. May God fan the flames of revival in Africa and in the nations of the west!

I would like to share a testimony with you from one of our GGM partners whom I know personally and who attended the NDE conference in Uganda. It is used with Pastor Anthony’s permission. This testimony is from a Kenyan pastor who was sharing with a pastor from Burundi about what happened in Uganda. Be encouraged, be blessed, be moved by the heart of God to pray for REVIVAL in Africa and for the nations of the west to receive God’s blessing from our African brothers and sisters.

A Testimony From Pastor Anthony Wafula, Kenya

I felt a very strong thundering through my stomach, a heat in my chest and cold breeze on my scalp; I shivered and (felt) a great outpouring of God’s power as the words came out of your anointed lips: “You were slaves in Egypt, but the Lord delivered you out with a strong hand.” This prophecy didn’t sound as if it was coming from a human vessel; it was like a burning angel, set ablaze, voicing out. I never saw you till the time you had been brought back to the chair by two people; but while prophesying, I saw a ball of light coiled in wave-like rings Heavenward. After the meeting, I shared this with a Burundian pastor while trembling, and he confirmed the same to me as he was standing beside me. He said he saw a great beam of light, like rolls of fire, and he could not look there again. When you said, “The Lord brought you out with a strong hand,” threats were being cut off my body. God bless you, servant of God. Mum, as you move, as you reach, as you touch and bless my brothers, bless me too, make me your son in GGM; I am a totally changed Anthony. On Sunday, I stood in the church, and it’s like the same anointing was flowing; after the message, two great Gangsters who have been troubling people, killing (them) and hijacking peoples’ cars, confessed and testified of their evil deeds and were saved! It was the second week they had come and were hiding in the church, but this Sunday they couldn’t resist God’s power—it was joy and celebration in the church.—Pastor Anthony Wafula, Kenya

Thank you for all your prayers!

Yours in His grace,

Catherine Brown
Founder, Gatekeepers Global Ministries (GGM) and
Co-founder, Scottish Apostolic Networking Enterprise



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