A Catalytic Word to Palestine and the Middle East

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There is a lot of movement in the nations right now as we all know. In times like these, we NEED clear prophetic voices of the Lord speaking current events and preparation for the times ahead. We NEED clarion voices and God IS raising them up.

One such voice is Chad Taylor with his word on the Middle East below. Chad has faithfully spoken out words of the Lord for quite some time now, and God has much to say in this current word here for the Middle East. Whether you are from the countries Chad speaks of or not, we can ALL be praying and standing as a Body of Believers together for God’s plan and purposes over the nation and peoples.

Chad Taylor:

Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran:

Chad Taylor

(Given live during worship at IOC Church in San Mateo, California—a Palestinian Church. There were Lebanese, Palestinians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Iranians and Iraqis/Assyrians present.)

Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, all of those adjacent countries and regions—the spotlight of history is going to turn there again. Progressive events are about to take place. Not for evil, but for good. Look toward that place now. Look toward that country. Look toward that place of your origin. Here we are once again, Lord. We stand again today, Lord. We pray the prayer of David, we sing the song of David. We pray for Lebanon. Something is about to change in Lebanon. There is a changing of the guard.

“Hear this, there is a changing of the guard in Lebanon. People in leadership shall suddenly change. People in authority shall suddenly change. The faces you see today are not the faces you’ll see tomorrow. For I’m changing the governing authorities in Lebanon. I’m rearranging, I’m changing—changing of the guard in Lebanon.”

There is one specific leader, that the Lord says, “His season is over. A new day has begun. I will raise up one after My own heart. I will raise up the Davids. I will raise up the Jonathans. And the reign of Saul will be over. His supremacy, the dictatorship of Saul, will be over. The time of David will arrive. Throughout that whole region the spirit of David will prevail. The spirit of David—Davidic worship, a heart after God will prevail in those Eastern countries.”

To the Heart of David in Palestine, God Says, “Dream Again!”

Let’s welcome David into Lebanon! Let’s welcome the man after God’s own heart. Let’s welcome the Spirit of David, the Spirit of the worshipper. Where are you, David? Don’t you know it’s time? It’s time for the David spirit to reign in those countries. The man or woman after God’s own heart. It’s time for the season of Saul to be over. Those appointed by man’s authority, by man’s desire, and man’s design. That time is over.

God says, “Watch and see, I will raise up a leader; and I will raise up leaders not only in the religious systems but in the governments and in the parliaments. And the spirit of David will reign in Palestine.”

Where are you, David? It’s time. Declare that! It’s time! The Tabernacle of David will be seen again! Don’t you know it’s time? “Here comes David!” We are singing David’s song again. Take your harps off the trees, it’s time to sing! We’ve been like people who’ve dreamed of a time long ago.

I hear the Lord saying, “Dream again! And those dreams will come true. Dream again! Lebanon, dream again! Jordan, dream again! Your young men shall prophesy and your old men shall dream dreams. And upon your children and your handmaidens shall I pour out My Spirit on all flesh (Joel 2:28-29). And I will be the hope of your people and the hope of your land again, for I am grafting the land back in. I am grafting the territory back in. They will not be an outsider, they will not be an outcast; they will be known as part of the tree of life, they will be known as part of My destiny; they will be known as part of My people once again.

“Dream again! And you’ll see it even in governments, even in European governments. Even in NATO and different governments you will see a grafting back in. And Palestine and these adjacent countries will sit at the table of governing authorities once again around the world. The spirit of David will prevail and, like Solomon, kings and queens and princes will come and say, ‘Look at the wisdom here, look at the wealth, look at the prosperity! Look at God’s blessing in these nations again!'”

A Shift and a Change are Coming, and the Youth Will Say, “Is There Not a Cause?”

And there will be a phenomenon in the streets of Palestine; there will be a phenomenon on the streets of these cities with the young people. There will be a grassroots, underground movement in their clubs, their music scene, the whole culture, the whole creativity, the whole conscience of the young people. There will be a revolution, not one of violence and uprising but a spiritual revolution of conscience, of thinking, of contemplation. And in the schools, the academic world, in the places of higher thinking and intellectualism, the conscience of the young people will be altered.

There will be a change of DNA, there will be a change of posture, a change of position. And the zeal of these people will be routed. God will route the zeal and harness the zeal of these young people. And their heart, like David, will be turned to a cause. Even as David faced Goliath, he said, “Is there not a cause?” (1 Samuel 17:29). Is there not a purpose?

A new purpose and a new cause shall be the underlying current in these nations. They will be a phenomenon. There will be leaders that rise up from the ages of 19-25. These leaders will have a clarion voice and they will have a cause like David, and they will rout the enemy. And they will bring a government of God in Lebanon, in Iran, in Jordan, in Egypt, and in all these nations! The government of God will be upon their shoulders. And they will bring a spirit of Peace, but not a false peace and not a false hope, but a peace that only comes from the Cross of Jesus.

And in the academic field, where doctors and lawyers are birthed and conceived, in those places of intellectualism and prowess, will come prophetic anointing. From the ages of 19-25 there will be an anointing upon these young men and young women in these countries. And they will bring a voice, and they will bring a cause! It will change the world from Lebanon! It will change the world! And the plots and plans and curses of the enemy will come to nothing.

A change shall take place that will garner the attention of world government and will garner the attention of media. All eyes will be upon these states. All eyes will be upon these countries. And they will say, “Look and see! Could it be true? Could it be true? Could it be true?”

“And I’ll dismantle and disrupt and divide the forces of darkness that have prevailed for centuries.” In a generation of young people, of your children, of your descendants, of your origins, of your lineage shall rise up from the fallow ground of war and rumors of war, and they will have a mind of David and a heart of David, and they will walk with intelligence and wisdom in forthright vision and they shall change the government; they shall change ancient laws, and God will turn the tables.

And God will reroute the zeal, and you will see prophetic anointing. You will see great playwrights, great movie makers, great creativity come from these countries. It’ll garner Emmys and Grammys; it’ll capture the attention of Hollywood, and it’ll capture the attention of a generation. Great minds will emerge from the battlefields just like David, from the fields just like David.

And a prophetic anointing shall prevail and resonate to your countries, your nations. And the spirit of Saul—the appointment and assignments of men, will no longer prevail. That which God anoints shall rise. Has He not said, “Humble thyself under the mighty hand of God and I will exalt you in due time and in due season” (1 Peter 5:6)?

Watch and see on the streets, watch and see in the culture, for a cultural melding pot is being stirred. Great minds and great hearts, great poets and songwriters and playwrights, shall emerge with the heart of David, driving out the demons, driving out the division. And government will follow suit. Watch! Faces, recognizable faces, that are now on signs and pictures and murals on the walls will be faded and gone. And new faces of leadership will arise and emerge upon the scene with the heart of David. Pray into these things! Dream again!

Smoke and Mirrors—Do Not Fear!

I hear the Lord saying, “At the turn of the year, as one 2009 moves into 2010, there will be a rumor, a smoke and mirrors of the enemy—a danger, there will be a crisis in these countries.” And the Lord says, “Do not believe it, for it is only a rumor. Do not believe it. It will try to persuade many. It will try to evoke fear, but,” the Lord says, “do not fear this thing that comes at the turn of the year. Do not fear this thing, it is only a mirage. It’s only smoke and mirrors, it is not the truth. My intentions and My will, will prevail. And as quickly as it gathers attention, it will quickly fade. Like a vapor of smoke that appeared for a little while that vanishes away. Do not believe this thing that happens, do not believe the rumor that comes from these places. It is not true and it will not prevail. When you see these things, just say, ‘Dream again.’ Dream again, David.”

About the month of February, the month of March, the Ides of March, watch and see as these things begin as this great change, this great succession begins to take place in these countries. Oh, the enemy will try to use rumors—don’t believe it. Look deeper. Watch and see. The Bible says we prophesy in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). You know what that means? There’s a whole lot more that we’re not saying. It’s the tip of the iceberg. A small fraction of God’s intentions. His thoughts toward us are more than the sand of the sea (Psalm 139:17-18). It’s too wonderful for us, it’s past finding out (Psalm 139:6), His intentions, His heart, for you; for your people.

Chad Taylor
Consuming Fire Ministries

Email: info@consumingfire.com


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