Not Just “Over there . . .”

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Christian sentenced to prison; believers heavily fined in Uzbekistan “Unregistered religious activity in the country is banned, as is evangelizing, publishing unapproved religious literature, and attending religious meetings in private homes.”

As terrible as that sounds, it can’t happen in America, right? Well now it’s happening in Southern California!

AGAIN! City orders Bible study closed “A southern California city has ordered a Friday night Bible study involving about a dozen people to shut down its meetings by Good Friday or members could face financial sanctions. Or they could apply to purchase an expensive permit from the city government.

“The new case is similar to a dispute last week in Gilbert, Ariz., and another last year in San Diego County. Now, in Rancho Cucamonga . . . the city is targeting a Bible study for banishment, and officials say they are ‘not budging.

‘”According to their definition a family praying over their dinner would qualify as a church. ‘. . . The precedent that would be created should the rule stand . . . should alarm religious people across the nation. ‘When you step back and look at communist China, home churches are being persecuted there. This isn’t any different. And this isn’t even a church, just a Bible study, facing the same ultimatums, the same demands as in communist China.” Chinese Land Official Says ‘Golden Lampstand Church will be destroyed’


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