The Book of Acts Chapter 17: (pt 6 of 20)

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The toughest nuts to crack were the “religious” Jews. Religious people are always toughest, in any community. They were the ones most set in their ways, most prejudiced, most hard-headed, the hardest to reach, because they think they know it all already. He reached only a few of those. Back in 2008, there was a tremendous outpouring of God’s Spirit with many signs and wonders. It went of for several months and if you do a “Google” search for the Florida Outpouring, you will find many testimonies of miraculous evidence of God’s power—but you will also find many links with tremendous criticism and hatred of what was going on in Florida.  What could surprise you (if you forget about the “religious spirit” so many are trap in), the strongest criticism came from Evangelicals—the very people you would expect to revel in a work of God.

That’s not surprising, though. Years ago I was attending a conference in Dallas Texas and met a sister who was obviously on fire with a holy zeal that was certainly contagious. I found out she accepted Christ as a teenager in her native Norway, when revival was sweeping the land. She described how people talked about Jesus continually on the streets, in the markets, in homes. She explained how they were continually fellowshipping with each other and hard to break up the church meetings because nobody wanted to quit. Just like what was happening in Florida.

I asked if everybody in Norway became a Christian in those days. I mean, was it sort of a blanket thing? (It sounded like a logical question at the time). She said, “Oh no! Some people hardly knew it was happening.” She explained how most of the big state Cathedrals went right on with their dry, empty services with a dozen old ladies and hundreds of empty pews.

Even during the three great awakenings in our country, many never knew it was happening. Some even stepped out openly criticizing and condemning what was going on around them. Just like what’s happening in Florida and throughout the world.

Then the Lord showed me how a gusher of rain can make water pour down the side of a mountain. If it strikes a big rock, it just divides and goes around it. The rock will just sit there, as unmoved as though nothing was happening.

Each of us can be just like that big rock. We can have a great revival going on right in our midst, see the joy of God’s love and walk away the same as before, totally unmoved, unchanged. Maybe that’s why the Bible says “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts” (Hebrews 4:7).

There’s new life all around the world. There’s excitement about Jesus. There’s a tremendous outpouring and demonstration of God’s Spirit throughout the world! Don’t be one of those rocks. Don’t let God’s revival pass by you!

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