It is Time! (by Christine Jones)

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I wrote the following in fall of 2010.

The hour is serious worldwide. There are prophetic warnings coming from reliable sources. Those who are informed and diligent, watching all the signs, can easily see the precipice that is in front of us worldwide. Disasters are on the rise around the world: tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. The earth is groaning from the weight of sin on earth. Financial rumblings have been severe for several years and are growing—not receding.  The U.S. is facing a depression not a recession. Greece’s bailout is bankrupting Europe—a sinking ship. And the genocide of the unborn continues worldwide. Hersey, luke warmness, and compromise are common in the church. Shakings are happening in both in the church and in the world have been increased over the years.

In the United States the utter havoc of corruption, deceit, political bribery, lying spirits, lawlessness in DC, in the administration and in the congress is breath taking as is the criminally complicit mainstream media knowingly, willingly keeping America in the dark concerning the severity of the situation and its out and out lying to the American people—lacking any form of genuine professional investigative reporting.

In the last in month Holy Spirit has spoken several things to me for myself and for others. “You’re on the edge of a precipice”, “Batten down the hatches” and “Speak up.” So out of obedience I am speaking up to warn friends, family and strangers to wake up, heed the signs of the times, cry out for mercy and individual direction, repent fully and turn to Jesus Christ, the only One in who’s name we can be saved.

Webster’s definition of precipice 1. A very steep overhanging mass of rock as a crag or the face of a cliff. 2. The brink of a dangerous situation.

The phrase “batten down the hatches” means prepare for trouble. More specifically it is a maritime phrase that refers to prepare for a stormy weather.

Fig. To prepare for difficult times. From a nautical expression meaning, literally, to seal the hatches against the arrival of a storm, to prepare yourself for a difficult period by protecting yourself in every possible way.

John Paul Jackson has prophesied the coming Perfect Storm where 5 elements—religion, political, economic, education, geophysical would converge to create a super storm. [Hence the name: the Perfect Storm after the real life story of sword fishermen from Gloucester MA and their vessel caught in the horrendous storm in the Atlantic a number of years ago—both a book and a movie was produced based on this event.]

Popular conservative talk show and TV host, Glenn Beck has also used the term the perfect storm to describe what the nation will be facing and continues to say we have not even begun to see the full bear of this storm here or worldwide. He comes to the same conclusions as Jackson through diligent study and monitoring of the economic, and political indicators with the warning that we have unscrupulous people in power who never waste a crisis—economic, manmade or geophysical. Beck has warned his audience to get out of the stock market, so has Mark Levin, another popular conservative talk show host. Beck has also used the term, ‘batten down the hatches’ after I heard the same warning from Holy Spirit.

I am convinced Jesus Christ is sending us a loving warning to take Him seriously and to turn back to Him both individually, and as a nation. God chastens those He loves. Will we take Him seriously? As a nation and as a people we have stepped out from under His Hand of protection by the iniquity and sin that we practice. We must humble ourselves, cry out for His Mercy and repent of our sin.

Many in America are awakened to what is happening in DC and in our government, the trashing of our Constitution, the pillage of this nations’ wealth with obscene debt loads for generations yet unborn or even conceived to pay. The evil legislation being passed in the night without being read or seen by the light of day behinds the backs of the American people. The Tea Party, 9/12 groups and many grass roots organizations have sprung into action and are beginning to see results.

But this is what I hear: if we do not turn back to God as individuals, families and as a nation we will not save this nation! If the American people and the body of Christ do not repent and turn back to Jesus Christ and God’s Ways we will not have the success we are looking for: the reestablishment of constitutionally limited government, justice for all under the law, and the return to sanity in the nation’s capitol for generations to come. This will have worldwide repercussions.

I will say this as clearly as I can possibly say it: We must repent (everyone of us. Yes, that means YOU), cry out for mercy, take God seriously at His Word, obey God, seek Him with all our hearts—putting Him first. We must obey God! Do we hear the alarm? Will we hear His Voice calling us back to Him and His Ways?

I first heard the following from the Lord in fall 2010; it is exhortation for 2011: “The capital of this nation will continue to be drained from this nation until this nation and its people reinvests in God.”


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