A Strategic Year with an Invitation to Go Deeper

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Doug Addison:

In one word, 2011 will be strategic. We will begin moving into more clarity about our destinies as God has been shifting our assignments. Similar to 2010, we will see a major increase and thrust in March of 2011 at the beginning of spring. During April our time of waiting will be turned into a time of action. New life will come in June, and by September of 2011 things that many have longed for will take more shape.

We are heading into a strategic time as God is sending out invitations to go deeper and experience more of Him. This will require that we streamline and be flexible. What we do this year will set the pace for the next several years. We must find our uniqueness as individuals, ministries/churches, and businesses. We will need to go beyond the things that we are good at doing and focus on what we do the best.

The Internet is Going to Play a Greater Role

God is opening up the new “Gates” and is using the Internet to reach the world with radical love. At the same time there will be an increase in Internet terrorism to try to scare people from using the Internet to impact the world for good. We will need to develop a global Kingdom mindset so that we impact the world without having to travel.

New Sounds and Music from Heaven are Taking Form

There was an anointing on a particular rock group from the 1960s that was intended to be used by God. It was used instead to bring Eastern religion into the U.S. This anointing has now shifted and is available right now to a new music movement that will appear strange and even irreverent to the previous generation.

End Times Marriages will Increase

God is strategically bringing together individuals, churches, and businesses for the purposes of the Kingdom. As these marriages come together there will be new synergy that will be released to bring about amazing things and catapult us into our destiny.

The Watch of the Lord will be Reinstated (Ezekiel 22:30)

And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Ezekiel 22:30

A new level of intercession is happening right now. Specific targeted intercession groups will form that will reveal strategies from Heaven. There will be Prophetic Intercession Groups that will be networked in the Spirit. Many of these groups are already in place and like sleeper cells, God will begin to activate these groups at the right time to prevent some major terrorist attacks and save people from disaster. Prophetic intercession will be a key this year.

A New Strategy for Business

There will be the forming of unusual communities through work and business. God is releasing a new level of creativity to earn money this year. In the midst of downturn and negative economic reports, there will also be some of the greatest abilities to make money.

Pray for President Obama

God is going to speak to President Obama this year. There is a new level of wisdom to handle world affairs that will be released to him. We need to pray for godly counsel around him as he begins getting revelation through dreams and words from God. We also need to continue to pray against any assassination attempts on our President. It is not God’s will for him to die in office, but instead to be part of shaking the U.S. awake.

Exciting and Challenging Times

Overall, we can anticipate some very exciting and challenging times ahead. God’s destiny and purposes for our lives must become our reality. This will be a key principle for us so that we will not be shaken when things start to shake.

Blessings for 2011,

Doug Addison
InLight Connection

Email: respond@dougaddison.com

Doug Addison is a prominent international conference speaker, author and has been a featured guest on television and radio for a number of years. His events are fun and high-energy as he uses media and stand-up comedy as a means of communicating deep insights. He is an experienced prophetic dream interpreter and a professional stand-up comedian.


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