Excerpts from the 2008 Shepherd’s Rod: Corrupt Money Lenders

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Corrupt Money Lenders

Our admonition from these revelations is to be careful where we borrow money. There is a shaking that is going to be taking place in the banking community that can have far reaching implications on the Church. Presently, great emphasis is being placed by the various lenders to distribute finances and facilitate greater measures of debt.

The counsel given to God’s people is to continue to be removed from heavy debt and be in a position to take advantage of the shaking and transfer of wealth when the time is appropriate. Though many lending organizations promote the image of helping people, in reality it can be a snare promoting more debt at a time when getting out of debt should be our priority.

Greed is a major stronghold that must be overcome in this hour. Much of this world’s economic system is built upon principles of greed without regard for the consequences. Although there are pockets of charity and goodwill demonstrated in our nation, especially during times of crisis, there remains a powerful spiritual influence of ambition and greed that drives the economic leaders. Our admonition is to be separated from this snare and warned not to fall victim to its plans.

Clearly there are some circumstances where borrowing money from financial institutions is mandatory. However, much of the credit card debt is the result of our easy access to this form of credit. It can easily become a form of bondage. There is going to be a collapse in this market at some point. We still have a space of time to position ourselves for it.


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