The Book of Acts: Chapter 21 (pt 3 of 15)

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I have been giving you examples how our Lord will lead and guide us. I told you about our move to Ann Arbor; and how we obtained our first apartment. Now I want to share you with another time when we were looking for a house after living in that apartment for a while. We had looked at several homes, but the minute I stood inside 923 Lay Blvd, a buzzer went off inside me. I knew this was it!

Again, that still small voice, that inward voice said, “I am going to give you this house . . .” my wife and I got back in the realtor’s car and my wife said that we would need to pray about it. I looked at her and said, “Don’t worry, I already know that the house is ours . . .” My wife looked at me and said, “Well . . . okay, we will watch what happens . . .”

Suddenly that inward voice said, “Yep, you watch me!”

Without going into all the details, it would surprise you how my Heavenly Father gave us that house, but it took over two years; several offers; the owner switching realtors and the final deal was better than my original offer . . .

What was interesting is that he was unable to sell the house for so long that the original realtors listing ended and the owner switched realtors. I called the new realtor and explained that I had made several offers when Jerry (the owner) was working with another realtor, but he was unwilling to accept our offers.

Again, I was not trying to take advantage of the owner; I was not trying to “rip-him-off.” I told the new realtor what I had offered and she agreed my offers were very reasonable.

In addition, by this time, I was a little frustrated and I did not care who knew where my confidence came from. I told the realtor, “I know this will sound weird and you will think I am a nut, but when we first saw the house, the Lord told me that it would be ours and I don’t care how long it takes, we will eventually move into that house.”

The realtor chuckled and assured me she did not think I was a nut. It just so happened that I knew her husband. He was one of the pastors of Agape Christian Fellowship—we had talked with each other many times.

I made another offer to the owner and he countered our offer with an even better offer! He literally gave (not loaned) us the down payment; the washer and dryer and a few other items that he didn’t want to move out of the house . . . Thank you, Father!

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Story of Acts


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