The Book of Acts: Chapter 25 (pt 17 of 18)

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We just learned that owr, which means enlightenment, understanding, is the Hebrew word for light. Now let’s look at the word for darkness. The Hebrew word is choshek. Think of it as the opposite of owr—the opposite of illumination. Choshek carries the tone of blindness, of misery, falsehood and ignorance. It means something that leads to death and destruction. This isn’t talking about the opposite of day. It is a negative word—and it carries spiritual overtones—evil spiritual overtones.

So, in Genesis 1:3-4, what God created was illumination and enlightenment of which He was the source; but it was divided away from what was the opposite of those things: darkness, blindness and falsehood. What exactly was this illumination and enlightenment? It could well have been the primordial essence of God that we call the Shekinah—this mysterious illumination, or glory, of God that we read about in in the Bible. The illumination that is suitable for us to see by, and apparently necessary when the new earth is formed, will come from God Himself. In other words, the light created on the first day of Creation is the same light that is in the first day of the New creation as revealed in the twenty-first and second chapters of Revelation (you can go read it later). The spiritual counterpart of light—darkness, choshek—will also be absent in the New creation.

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Story of Acts


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