Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 1 (pt 3 of 9)

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The Gospel is centered in God’s Son, a descendant of David by human genealogy and patently marked out as the Son of God by the power of that Spirit of holiness that raised him to life again from the dead. —Romans 1:3-4

We needed a Redeemer, but this Redeemer had to fulfill certain requirements:

  • He must be a man, because he must represent humanity
  • He must possess the capacity to understand and to sympathize with the temptations of man
  • He must also possess a standing of righteousness with God
  • He must not be a subject of Satan; he must be free from all Satanic authority
  • This Mediator must stand as Adam stood before the fall. The only way each of these requirements could be met is by the complete unon of The Creator (YHWH) and man into one individual.

This was done, and His name is Jesus Christ. He is our Lord, from whom we received grace and our commission in his name to forward obedience to the faith in all nations. And of this great number, you are also called to belong to him.

To you all then, loved of God and called to be Christ’s men and women, grace and peace from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ —Romans 1:5-7

I must begin by telling you how I thank God through Jesus Christ for you all since the news of your faith has become known everywhere —Romans 1:8

What a great thought! That our faith would become known throughout the world.

Before God, whom I serve with all my heart in the Gospel of his Son, I assure you that you are always in my prayers —Romans 1:9

Here is the sign of a great Pastor. Constantly praying for—interceding for the people under his care. A Pastor might be the guy “up-front” each Sunday morning, but not necessarily. He should know the people under his care. He should counsel; comfort; encourage and instruct them. John Stott refers to Pastors as “shepherds of Christ’s sheep, called to tend, feed, and protect them” Acts 20:28 tells us that the Holy Spirit “has made you overseers . . . shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood”


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