Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 3 (pt 1 of 5)

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I love Paul’s arguments in this letter. However, many refer to this Christian faith as being a New Covenant. But that term is rather misleading. Let me explain what I mean. Many of us figure that once we have a new covenant, then the older one (or ones) become obsolete, abolished, replaced. However, that is not true. Oh certainly, the Covenant that comes with our faith in Jesus Christ holds some elements of the earlier covenants, but they were transformed from being shadows or types into the higher essence they were always pointing to. Take for instance the sacrificial system that used animal blood to atone for sin (which actually began with Adam and Eve). That system was transformed into its fullest essence or meaning with the sacrifice of Yeshua.

His blood became the real blood that all those animal sacrifices had been pointing to. The biggest difference was that the sacrifice of Yeshua was the last and final sacrifice for atonement of sins that would ever be needed. The Sacrificial system did not end, and you might be surprised to hear that it did not really change, either. What? I’m serious. It did not end . . . it was transformed! You see, the blood of an innocent was still required to atone for sin. So, each time we, in faith, count on the blood of Christ as already having atoned for our sins, we are fulfilling the point and purpose and spirit of the sacrificial system.

Now in another sense, each of God’s covenants, when He first gave them, they were fully developed and fully established for the Divine purpose they were created for. Let me explain it this way: we buy new models of computers and cars because the new models have features and capabilities the older models do not have. Now this is because as our knowledge and technology advances and improves, we are able to make the things we create better, more useful, more complete. This is our way. However, this is not the way with it works with God’s covenants. God did not create a primitive, low-tech covenant with Abraham and then create a more advanced, next generation covenant with more features in the Mosaic Covenant, and then as God’s vision and capabilities grew, He created an even zippier covenant with all the bells and whistles in the New Covenant that is Christ. Each one of these covenants were created, and remain, perfect and intact for the purpose God intended for each of them.

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Letter to Christians at Rome


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