Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 4 (pt 2 of 13)

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If we pull this pattern forward a few thousand years, YHWH has prepared a final Ark, Yeshua, Jesus the Christ. He has become a safe haven for the righteous for that day when He pours out His wrath and ends the world as we know it—again.

Now, some believe that the biggest difference between salvation in the Old Testament, and salvation the New Testament, is that a man had to work to attain his righteousness in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament we receive it as a gift. Some also believe that in the Old Testament times, salvation (or at least some undefined salvation) came only through good works, and in the New Testament times, this was changed, and salvation comes solely by grace through faith. Well, we could spend page after page talking about this, but let me clear that error for you.

I admit that when you read some of the commentaries of the Hebrew sages, or later ones from the Rabbis, there seems to be an emphasis on doing God’s commands—what’s usually called works and legalism. However, the reason for the Hebrews’ obsession with doing, their motivation, if you will, is not so much a matter of gaining something from it, than from obedience because of their overwhelming gratefulness of being one of God’s chosen people. Do you hear the difference?

When we first become disciples of Jesus, we understand that grace is the key to our relationship with our Father. However, it is usually taught that Grace is a New Testament gift that wasn’t available before to the birth of Jesus, and that the righteousness that was granted to the worshipper which was indeed completely unmerited and unearned, is a New Testament concept. This is not true. I realize you were told that we must choose either Law or Grace. The idea being that we could choose to attempt to follow the Law and be well enough to “earn” or “merit” our righteousness (and our place in Heaven). Or, we can choose to have faith in Christ, and by grace be 100% guaranteed our place in Heaven.

Let me assure you that you will never, never, never ever hear that choice in the Scriptures. It simply does not exist. It is a manmade doctrine. Now, just so you do not get the wrong idea, and start sending me nasty emails, I assure you that the only way to a relationship with our Creator is through Unmerited Grace. It is (and always has been) a gift, now being offered to you through Jesus.

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Letter to Christians at Rome


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