Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 4 (pt 6 of 13)

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“Now an important question arises: is this happiness for the circumcised only, or those who are uncircumcised, as well?

“Note this carefully. We began by saying that Abraham’s faith was counted unto him for righteousness. When this happened, was he circumcised at the time? Well, no, he wasn’t.; he was still uncircumcised—It was afterward that the sign of circumcision was given to him. Circumcision was a seal on that righteousness which God was accounting to him as yet an uncircumcised man! [Ah-ha! I saw a little light come on above your head]. God’s purpose here is twofold. First, that Abraham might be the spiritual father of everyone who since that time, despite their uncircumcision, show the faith that is counted as righteousness. Then, secondly, that he might be the circumcised father of all those who are not only circumcised, but are living by the same sort of faith which he himself had before he was circumcised —Romans 4:6-12

Bring this principal to your faith today. Were you baptized and then believed and accepted the atonement of Jesus on your behalf, or were you baptized as a response to your decision to follow Jesus? The point is whether baptism brought your salvation or was your faith the means of your salvation—then as a response to that new life, you were baptized?


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