Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 4 (pt 11 of 13)

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This is all well and good, but how can we put this to work in our own lives? Well, there are times when the Lord “puts something on your heart,” down in your spirit you hear a promise or direction—but everything around appears contrary to what was promised. Maybe it is a healing you have “heard” the Lord say was yours. Now, you can choose either to believe what is seen and obviously contrary to the promise—or, with undaunted faith look at the facts—yes, you are sick; yes, you have a fever; maybe it is regarding your diabetes and your glucometer verifies that your sugars are high—but you “heard” the voice of the Lord tell you that you were healed. Maybe it is a job the Lord has “told” you is yours to have—I don’t know what it is the Lord has promised you, but everything around contradicts the reality of that promise—you can either look at the facts and give up. Or, just as Abraham, refuse to allow any distrust of a definite pronouncement of God to make you waiver.

You can draw strength from your faith, and, while giving glory to God, remain absolutely convinced that God is able to implement his own promise.

Look at Abraham, for gosh sakes. He was old! He was impotent!—his wife was old and way past menopause, for crying out loud—but he held fast to a promise God had made to him! All he had to rely on was believing that God could do anything—even give him a child! How long did you have to wait like that?  25 Years! That’s right, and you want to complain because your promise has come after a couple of days?

I brought up that point before and someone sent me an email complaining that he had been waiting for several years. Well, Abraham never saw the fulfillment of God’s promise of a “Land of Promise.”

Was Abraham some special man that had super-natural powers to believe? Was there something about him that gave him a special gift of believing God? No!

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Letter to Christians at Rome


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