Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 5 (pt 11 of 11)

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Now we find that the Law keeps slipping into the picture to point the vast extent of sin. Yet, though sin is shown to be wide and deep, thank God his grace is wider and deeper still! [Some refer to Las Vegas as Sin Cityyet some of the strongest and mightiest churches are in Las Vegas—”Where sin abounds . . . Grace does much more abound.”]

The whole outlook changes—sin used to be the master of men and in the end handed them over to death: now grace is the ruling factor, with righteousness as its purpose and its end the bringing of men to the eternal life of God through Jesus Christ our Lord —Romans 5:20-21

Did you catch that? The whole purpose the Law was given was to establish Yehoveh’s standards and expectations—and to show the extent of their failure to obey His standards. However, the more we see our sinfulness, the more we see God’s abounding grace forgiving us. I have said many times that until we recognize our sin, we will not fully appreciate what our Messiah has done. Before, sin ruled over all men and brought them to death, but now God’s Greace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Now, Paul says that when you become a Christian, when you turn and accept Jesus the Christ as your Lord and Savior, God does something to that old life. He cuts you off from this life in Adam. You are no longer joined to fallen Adam, but you are joined to a risen Christ, and your life is now linked with him. He now plans to express his life through you in the same natural way as Adam once expressed his life through you.

I tried to illustrate this before by using a glass filled with soda pop. I told them that the soda pop symbolized your life of sin. I put the glass under a faucet and intermittently squirted clear water into the glass—symbolizes the times we occasionally do “good-deeds,” of some type. Thinking they will save us . . . but it never changes the contents of the glass (the soda pop). They only way to do that, is to dump out the soda pop, rinse the glass and fill it with crystal clear water!

That is was what God does with our life. He “dumps” out the sin-nature in our spirit, and fills that void with His Spirit. He replaces the crud, with His Holiness! (But we still live in this sinful world, so in my illustration I dump in little splashes of soda pop into the glass).

So what do we do? We say a little prayer (squirt a little water into the glass); maybe give a little extra in the collection plate (squirt a little water in the glass). The problem is, we still live in this world and its influence can affect our lives (dump more pop into the glass).

The solution? Quit the little doses of “holy” behavior and allow the Holy Spirit full access in our lives (turn on the faucet and let it pour into the glass). We will see this more fully in the 8th chapter.

What I am saying is that whatever you have experienced of defeat, misery, heartache, bondage and blindness through your life in Adam, will be exceeded much more by what you will experience of victory, glory, blessing, peace and joy in Christ. When you learn the process, it is as easy to be good in Christ as it was to be bad in Adam. It is just as natural, and done without struggle.

Granted, and take note of this, it may take years for you to learn to put it into practice. You will walk feebly at first and struggle with it. It may take you time to fully see what Paul is talking about, but when you do, you will discover that where once sin reigned over you unto death, Christ is now reigning over you unto life. Right now, in this life, you can experience victory in Christ where once you experienced only defeat in Adam.

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Letter to Christians at Rome

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