Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 8 (pt 8 of 11)

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“Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies?”

Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died?

Can Christ’s death be contested? Satan knows better than that. Then Paul says, “Christ is risen again . . . at the right hand . . .” Can the sovereignty of Jesus Christ be contested? And at the end of the verse it says, he “makes intercession for us.” Is there any way that the prayers of Jesus Christ can be sabotaged?

If I am a believer, this is what this verse says: “I have the protection of the death of Jesus. If he is raised, I not only have protection, I have propitiation—peace has been made between the Father and me. He is the one that justifies. Not only that, if he justifies me, not only do I have protection and propitiation . . . I have prayer that is offered by him. Then the old accusing devil comes and says, “Now, just look at this and look at that.” A.W. Tozer used to say, “I talk back to the devil.” Do you ever talk back to him? Tell him where to go and how to get there? Or does he just constantly whip you?

We suffer accusations. Listen, as long as you live, until you get to the pearly gates, Satan will accuse you. That is his job. He is the accuser of the brethren. Even if you have done nothing wrong, he will try to make you feel bad. He is a liar from the beginning.

In the face of the world, the flesh, and the devil and all hell, I will tell you that if the blood of Jesus Christ is on you, you are worth more than all the wealth in the world. You are precious to Him . . . Why? . . . Because His blood is upon you, that is why!

What are you going to do with this text? “In all these things . . . we are more than conquerors.” That is beyond the bounds of logic. How can you be MORE than a conqueror?

There are only three things you can do with this text. You can say that it’s a statement by an ignorant, irresponsible person. You know, the kind of huckster that overloads you with confidence. Or, you can say, “It’s an unbalanced statement by a super-optimist.” On the other hand, you can say, “Here’s a man talking out of experience.” In all these things, he says, we are more than conquerors.

I heard the story of one pastor who said, “My people come to church and pay their tithes. They follow a routine. There’s no passion. No vision. They’re worldly. They enjoy bowling a lot more than groaning. They like fishing for minnows in the waters much more than fishing for men. More of them are traveling than travailing.” He said to his wife and another man in the church, “Can we agree together that God will send us revival?” And they did! They prayed.

Sometimes it is very painful. In fact, I do not know when God works any blessing without pain. If he could have done it without pain, he would have done it for his Son. But his Son had to go through the horrors of Gethsemane and the cross.

So, this preacher and his wife, and the other man and his wife—she was the organist, I think—prayed. And God began to move. He moved them nearly all out of the church. From about 450 people, they went down to about 45. They thought, “Whoa, Lord, put the brakes on here. It’s going to stop here, isn’t it?” The Lord said, “No, not yet.” This continued until they were a very select company: the preacher, his wife, the oldest deacon, and the organist. Just the four of them. Instead of shutting the shop, he said, “Keep on praying.” Great! God was moving! They never asked him to move quite that way, but they did ask God to move . . . and he did! The preacher said, “For weeks, I preached to four people.” It did not take long to take the offering. For once, the church was united. Then, he said, “God began to turn the tide and they started coming back. People got saved.” Now he had hundreds of people.

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Letter to Christians at Rome


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