Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 12 (pt 28 of 28)

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Finally, our actions are summed up by an unconquerable strategy. Look at verse 21. “Don’t allow yourself to be overpowered with evil. Take the offensive – overpower evil by good!”

The unconquerable strategy of the Christian is to be victorious over evil by doing good. We don’t fight fire with fire, but fight it with water. If we are going to meet evil with evil, we are going to lose the battle before we begin. To meet evil with good will allow us to overcome it. Darkness may seem awesome and powerful, but one small light drives the darkness out. Instead of cursing the darkness, be a light in the midst of darkness. This in the strategy Jesus used, and it is an unstoppable strategy, an unconquerable strategy. It is the strategy of the Kingdom of God.

In a sermon I preached years ago, I divided this passage in the light of love in action. Love really is the key. Love blesses our persecutors (v. 14); love cares for others (v. 15); love finds unity (v. 16a); love produces real humility (v. 16b); love looks for good (v. 17); love seeks peace (v. 18); love trusts God to judge (v. 19); love returns good for evil (v. 20); and love wins the true victory (v. 21).

Let me ask you, have you possessed the kind of attitudes that manifest the love of God to the world? Have you portrayed the kind of actions that exemplify the character of Christ? You see, the challenge for the average Christian today is not to die for Jesus Christ, but to live for Him. The challenge is to translate faith into action and words into deeds.

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Letter to Christians at Rome


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