2012 – Not Just Another Year! (by Michael Edds) (3 of 5)

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by Michael Edds

Ephesians 5:16 “Redeeming the time because the days are evil.”Please review the following facts about the year 2012. It IS NOT just another year! It is a year of profound destiny – good and evil. This information is quite sobering and even startling. It is time for the Church to WAKE UP!!!!


  • War with Iran is a very high possibility in 2012.  The US and Europe have tightened the economic noose around Tehran recently.  Iran has responded by sending warships into the Strait of Hormuz and threatening to close it.  This would stop the flow of all oil from the Middle East from that region.  Price of gasoline would rise to unprecedented heights and throw the West into economic chaos.  The US and Europe have declared that would be an act of war.  Iranian gun boats are currently harassing US warships in that region.  The US has sent Tehran a dire warning not to close the Straits or the US will use all military options available.
  • US troops being removed from Iraq are being deployed along the Syrian border in Jordan.  Syria has mounted poison gas on its missiles and has distributed gas masks to its citizens.  In January 2012 a Russian ship loaded with weapons unloaded its cargo in Syria.  The US and Israel are gravely concerned.
  • Iran has sent ships into the Mediterranean Sea.  Israel has responded by sending two submarines laden with nuclear missiles near the coast of Iran.
  • Iran claims to have 150,000 missiles aimed at Israel. 70,000 rockets in Southern Lebanon and thousands of rockets in Gaza are aimed at Israel.
  • Iran will have five atomic bombs by April 2012.  Israel has vowed to stop Iran from becoming nuclear.  Two Iranian nuclear sites have been mysteriously destroyed recently and several Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated.
  • Should Syria fall to the “Arab Spring” protest, the Islamic Brotherhood (a radical Islamic group vowing to destroy Israel) will have a unified front against Israel from Algeria to Syria.  It will in effect recreate the Islamic Caliphate or Islamic Nation and completely surround Israel.
  • Israel recently distributed 6 million gas masks to its citizens.

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