2012 – NOT JUST ANOTHER YEAR! (by Michael Edds) (pt 4 of 5)

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by Michael Edds

Ephesians 5:16 “Redeeming the time because the days are evil.”Please review the following facts about the year 2012. It IS NOT just another year! It is a year of profound destiny – good and evil. This information is quite sobering and even startling. It is time for the Church to WAKE UP!!!!


  • 2012 is predicted to be a year of tremendous climate upheavals.  NASA is warning of unprecedented solar flares which could destroy the nation’s power grid and plunging it back into the 19th century.  Satellites,  computers, cars, ATMS, cellphone, and all electronic devises would be destroyed.  Mass transportation would be shut down, food distribution to markets impossible resulting in food shortages and mass panic.  Martial law would be declared.  If the solar flares are severe enough, it could pollute the nation’s water supply (radiation poisoning).  The current US administration has done little to nothing to prepare the nation for the predicted immense solar flares.
  • Scientists fear that the nation’s biggest fault line is coming to life.  The New Madrid Fault line, which in the past caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards and change its course, is becoming increasingly active.  Should a large quake occur along the fault, which extends from Arkansas to Lake Michigan, the nation would suffer severe damage and untold death.  Recently, 500 earthquakes were recorded in Arkansas in a short time.
  • Scientists are alarmed at the increasing volcanic activity in the Yellowstone Park – the nation’s super volcano.  Pressure from its massive magma chamber has caused the ground to rise 9 inches in areas of the park.  Temperature of Lake Yellowstone has risen from 60 degrees to the 80’s.  Toxic gases are being released in many areas of the park.  Recently, thousands of animals were found dead throughout Yellowstone.  Many areas of the park have been closed due to toxic fumes and new hot vents.  Scientist fear that this super volcano could erupt.  It would destroy six states and blanket much of the nation with volcanic ash.  This would effectively destroy the United States’ super power status and regulate it to a minor player in world affairs.
  • Tens of thousands of birds and fish are mysteriously dying throughout the US.  Scientists are at a loss to explain.

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